Disruption Management’s What and How

Disruption Management’s What and How
November 24, 2018
Author : Charles Hill

The students studying the ‘Airline Planning and Operations’ are often face to face with the assignments that are dreadful in nature. The objective of writing these long and tiring assignments prepared from the sweat and blood are –

  • To understand how functions are planned
  • To identify the relationship between the processes
  • To see execution of operations and control of the same
Out of many, these are the primary ones. Other than this, the complexities involved in planning, controlling, and coordinating the fleet of air carriers in a commercial environment is examined.
Now, that’s the kind of disruption that you need airline disruption managementfor.

How to Approach These Assignments?

The best approach to solve any assignment is to work around the obvious objectives that the course has outlined. Therefore, your disruption management assignment answer will work around –

Airline Strategies and Business Models

The airlines have only three things on which their strategies are built – their brand image, the customer loyalty and their position in the market. Your answers which include these three things and satisfy them, are already on the way to become the ones that professor is going to like. Make sure that the business model you prepare is the one that is based on network management. The extent to which your strategies will be a success or failure depends on the network you are able to identify. The strategies for disruption management in the airline industrycan be –

Commercial and Operational Preparatory Steps

Every business that wants to survive the competition, planning is a key determinant. The airline industry also falls under the radar of the same. Hence, preparatory steps are taken by the airlines to ensure that they are one step ahead of the game. For your assignments, the focus will be to understand that the airspace is not as wide as we think of it. The efficient and safe operation of the aircraft is ensured by keeping Air Traffic Control (ATC) in mind. Define these steps so that you are fulfilling the following objectives – Commercial and Operational Preparatory Steps

Relationship Between Airline Operational and Commercial Areas

For an effective airport disruption management, identifying the relationship between various operational areas of an airline is important. There are various operational areas of the airline, like –
  • Marketing,
  • Revenue Management,
  • Maintenance,
  • Legal Counsel,
  • Employee Relations,
  • Customer Service,
  • In-flight Services, and others.
Despite being different, these departments and areas work together in a relation. The focus of the assignments should be kept in identifying how these departments work with respect to each other.

Routine and Irregular Airline Operations

Students should be aware of what is IROPS. There are several disruptions in an airport due to which the flights can be cancelled. These reasons range from technical problems to reduced capacity. There are several routine operations which can turn into an irregular operation due to various reasons. At this time, the airline and the airport work as fast as flash. The assignments where you have to identify an irregular operation and suggest measures to turn into a regular operation, you should prepare an IROP plan to eliminate the following elements – Routine and Irregular Airline Operations

Airline Scheduling Problems

The airline has to choose a profitable flight schedule among many possibilities. To do so, they have to work around the following parameters –
  • Limited time,
  • Rising cost,
  • Competitive actions, and
  • Uncertain market.
The assignments are designed in a way that you are able to differentiate the long-range scheduling from short range scheduling. The short-range schedules develop the flight plans and can be updated frequently. Other than this, the students should also turn their attention to the following factors –
  • Crew scheduling
  • Ground manpower scheduling
  • Facility capacity tests

Key Aviation Concepts

As told above, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) meets the objectives set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) by working on three objectives or concepts –
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Surveillance
Combined, they are called CNS and have ICAO-stipulated performance requirements.


There are direct voice technologies like Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF). These direct voice technologies are mixed with Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC). The use of CPDLC is where the direct voice technology is limited.


Ground-based navigation and satellite navigation systems work together. The Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS is replacing the ground navigation because it is more reliable, available easily, and relatively cheaper.


The augmented space-based surveillance systems are becoming a preferred choice. This is because of an increased aviation safety and efficiency because of increased accuracy and reliability.

Flight Disruption Meaning

The disruption in the air traffic results in delayed flights, cancelled flights, frustrated passengers. These lead to huge costs to the aviation company. Flight disruptions are any actions that is not the regular operation of the flights. The disruptions should be eliminated because they can multiply because of the uncertainty and variability of the airport operations. For this, there are two types of recovery practices – Flight Disruption Meaning To design a proactive approach for airline disruption recovery, you should consider the obvious future uncertainties that will rise at airports. In other words, your research will conduct an investigation for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the airline disruption management model. This will also integrate a stochastic model of congestion. The practical implication of doing so is not only to create a flexible airline network but to also create robust airline disruption recovery decisions. Consequently, the operating costs for the airline go down.

Things to Do While Solving Disruption Management Assignments

To solve the airline disruption today problems, there are a few things that you should do. Like –
  • Break down the problem into networks
  • Identify the integer programming models to solve the networks

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