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In the fast-moving world today, change is the only reality in our lives. It takes place not only in personal life but is also experienced in the professional segment as well. However, a significant question is are we aware of the ways to deal with these changes? The answer is no. This is because to manage a change and gradually adapt to it takes –

  • Time,
  • Efforts
  • Training
  • Energy

This is the reason for which several trained and accomplished researchers throughout the world have come up with the properly designed change management models. This blog will shed light on the concept of change management and how the different popular change management models have been applied to numerous business organisations so as to deal with the phases of change and transition.

Change Management – What is It?

Simplistically, change management is the term which is coined to signify the changes or the transition of people, organisations as well as the projects from one phase to the other. Now, in order to deal with this change, it is necessary to implement change management models that are well designed and effective. This will eliminate waste of valuable energy and resources on irrelevant methods. Some of the most popular change management models are discussed below.

Lewin’s Change Management Model

This model was designed by Kurt Lewin during the 1950s and still, it is considered as a valid model. This model has three significant stages –


This is the first stage of Lewin’s model and it involves preparation for the change. This signifies that at this stage, the organisations have to prepare for the change. Obviously, they have to now embrace the fact that this change is essential and necessary. The importance of this step lies in the fact that it breaks the status quo of resistance towards change.


During this stage, the actual change or transition of the target takes place. The process is time-consuming as people generally take time to accept and acknowledge new things. The reason for the reluctance lies in the equilibrium that human beings like to stay in. Anything that challenges their state of constant is not readily acceptable.


After the people within the organisation accept and embrace the change and it is ensured that the change is implemented in an appropriate manner, the organisation moves toward a stable phase. This is the reason behind calling this stage as “Refreeze”. meme1

McKinsey 7s Model

McKinsey 7s model is one of those models which has managed to persist for long while several other proponents came in and went out. This model was primarily designed by a consultant who was working for McKinsey & Company and it involves seven stages of change management. mc kinsky model


The strategy is simply the plan which is designed to sustain the competition and achieve the organisational goals. This is the first and foremost step of this model and it emphasises on developing a step by step plan for the future.


It is the step of the model which determines the organisational structure.


This stage deals with the processes which are being followed for carrying out the day to day activities.

Shared Values

Shared values are the core values to an organisation on the basis of which it operates.


The way through which the leadership and changes are adopted and implemented.


This step signifies the capabilities of the employees within the organisation.


The core competencies along with the other skills possessed by the employees of the organisation.

Kotter’s Change Management Theory

It is one of the most popular and adopted theories around the world. The following are the key stages of the Kotter’s Change Management theory – Kotter’s Change Management Theory

Increase Urgency

This step deals with giving rise to a sense of urgency among the employees so that they move towards the objectives.

Build the Team

This is all about building an efficient team by selecting the right people through the creation of a mix of skill, commitment and knowledge.

Get the Vision Correct

In this step, the correct vision is created not just by taking into account the strategies but also the creativity.


Communicating with the people regarding the change is necessary.

Get Things Moving

Implementation of feedbacks and removing roadblocks are the concerned activities. To get a detailed explanation of the topics discussed above, you can request a session with our management assignment experts. Or, to get a more comprehensive guidance and mentoring, you can send your assignment requirements to or fill out the form here and our team will get back to you.

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