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A topic of ongoing or prolonged discussion that has been a reason for public discussion is called a controversy. A controversial topic is something that many might be discussing a lot, or in some cases, people feel reluctant even to mention it. For example, the "Black Lives Matter” movement and the “Second World War”. We, humans, are curious creatures by nature, and most of us like to talk and be updated about the things going on around us. Be it small talk or a very scandalous news segment to be discussed; we have to discuss it. You must have witnessed older people invested in the recent election discussion.

Many topics stay in discussion for a while, but people forget about them in a few days. Meanwhile, topics like the world war or any war are a few topics that have been a controversial topic of debate for a very long time now. We see all such topics in the news and popular trends on social platforms. Like what they say, "controversy sells well" the topics that create divided opinions among people become a trend or often a controversial topic. It spreads like wildfire and envelopes people like a fast-moving tornado. We all must've searched a few such topics even without being a part of the discussion because it seemed interesting. But, what makes a topic controversial? Will debating over such topics make any difference in people's viewpoint?

As we all know, controversy is often a euphemism for intriguing and insightful. These words by Kevin Smith are so true and still relevant now.

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What Are a Few of the Controversial Discussion Topics of 2021-2022?

Here's a list of 50 such topics that you can use for debate or argumentative essay writing:

Can anything non-controversial be of any interest to the grown-ups? Lines by Edward Abbey from Postcards from Ed.

  1. Are cryptocurrencies reliable?
  2. Should cattle slaughter be banned?
  3. Is online privacy inevitable?
  4. Is it fair to use animals for vaccine trials?
  5. Is censorship in movies useful today?
  6. What are the dangers of making friends online?
  7. Is schooling becoming less challenging?
  8. Are covid vaccines safe?
  9. Is social media ruining today's generation?
  10. Do LGBTQ+ deserve to be banned?
  11. Is college admissions becoming too competitive?
  12. Do written tests and exams help to evaluate a student's intelligence?
  13. Is financial and sex education necessary for students?
  14. How does the pandemic affect the global economy?
  15. Is the cancel culture valid?
  16. Should internet gambling be banned?
  17. Does Australia need a new national anthem?
  18. Has the PlayStation replaced the physical playgrounds?
  19. If the media needs to pay more attention to female athletes in the Olympics?
  20. Must humans fear the development of AI?
  21. Should Australia stop accepting migrants?
  22. Do we need to make organ donation compulsory?
  23. Is the death penalty effective in reducing crime rates?
  24. What are the positive impacts of the French revolution?
  25. Was the US wrong in dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan?

Kamikaze is the name of the Japanese fighter planes that the Japanese army used to crash on the US navy ships.

  1. Justify Slavery as the prime cause behind the Civil War.
  2. Will AI replace human resources?
  3. Is social media a useful information source?
  4. What is the alternative to Twitter?
  5. Should alcohol consumption be outlawed?
  6. Is technology making humans dumber and lazier?
  7. Has the Australian government failed the Aborgenial citizens?
  8. Can terrorism be justified?
  9. Do celebrities have a huge influence on the current generation?
  10. Must alcoholic products fall under plain product laws?
  11. Should the government legalise euthanasia?
  12. Do drug addicts need help or punishment?
  13. Can war be justified?
  14. What are the legal and safe alternatives to steroids?
  15. Which is safer: Hospitals vs self-treatment?
  16. Is abortion a crime?
  17. Is homeschooling making kids dumber?
  18. How long will it take for Covid to end?
  19. Is there an alternative to lockdowns due to pandemics?
  20. Do beauty pageants have unrealistic beauty standards?
  21. Is racial discrimination completely abolished?
  22. Are OTT platforms making people addicted to streaming?
  23. Machine learning or Artificial intelligence: which is safer?
  24. Is distance learning in universities as effective as in-person learning?
  25. Is world peace attainable?

These are fifty of such questions from various fields. Such topics have been a part of the popular trends recently, and some may stay controversial for times to come. Writing an argumentative essay or debating such topics are a part of the reasons behind any topic or trends being relevant. Essay writing may seem like an easy to write piece, but it is an effective way of expressing oneself. Students may use it as a form of expressive writing to express opinions on various topics, whether general or controversial. Given below is an essay sample prepared by our experts who provide essay writing help to students.

Knowledge Essay Essay Introduction

How to Compose a Good Argumentative Essay?

It is a form of writing that covers the writer's opinions on a debatable topic. The views may differ depending on the opinions and ideology of people. A topic that many find controversial, a person may express their thoughts objectively over it. It is entirely up to the writer and sometimes the reader's interpretation of the piece. University students must write many of such pieces throughout their academia. Following are a few tips to compose effective argumentative essays:

  • First and foremost, your essay must be interesting. It means that you need to compose a piece that reflects your ideas effectively and make them intriguing.
  • Use relevant information and make effective points in your essay. Most students paraphrase the information they find online. Such writing just beats the main aim of the essay. You need to make personalised arguments and even if it is something popularly known, add the reason for your support.
  • The arguments made in the essay must be recent and relevant. Don't go telling stories about the topic. If you need to add factual information or use an example to support your idea, make sense.
  • The ideas you expressed in the essay must raise questions through your writing. Make the reader question the various possibilities through your piece.
  • If you are going to write effectively, make sure it is factually correct. When you express your points of argument, and if it's inaccurate, it will make your point invalid and make you seem amateurish.
  • Don't just support the cause or just oppose it. When composing an argumentative essay, it is crucial to present both sides of the argument. Support each side equally throughout. The conclusion can be your personal opinion and may or may not support the topic of discussion.
  • Lastly, students often get charged while writing an argumentative essay, and they just continue writing anything. Don't deter from the theme of the debate. Keep the writing topic-centric.

When writing an argumentative essay, present the views clearly and effectively. Make your ideas crystal clear and support your arguments using evidence and instances from real-life experiences.

A debate or an argumentative essay requires students to express their personal views on a topic. Students need to write their overall idea in an essay, whereas; a debate requires them to pick aside. Both are more effective for students to express their opinions freely than being influenced by others. It is a useful exercise for students who might struggle with social anxiety. They can express through their writing what they might be reluctant to express in words. Debate is a form of writing that needs devoted and powerful speakers who possess the zeal to present their opinions more vocally.

All the current popular leaders and those from history were once good debaters or even well-versed writers. Every big change in the world was once a controversial topic. At first, it may seem all the changes came about gradually. Still, there's always been an effective writer and a powerful debater expressing their opinions uninhibited to make huge changes in the world.

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