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Best tips to write an Argumentative Essay
September 03, 2020
Author : Jessica

If you ask us how to write an argumentative essay, we would simply advise you to attempt to convince your readers about the viewpoint that you are supporting by introducing appropriate reasons and substantiating them with credible evidence.

There are so many varieties of essays that you might have come across in your university life- narrative, descriptive, analytical, expository, argumentative, and many more. Just like any other essay, argumentative essays are also structured in the form of a five-paragraph essay format. The reason why students are asked to write argumentative essays most frequently is that they requires a concrete stance on any particular topic. And this is not a cakewalk for students!

This is when a student realises that getting argumentative essay help from prolific writers around the world can aid them in sailing through these essays with ease. In this blog, we will be giving you an easy guide to argumentative essays and make the work a bit simpler for you.

8 Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Help Ace A Perfect Essay!

Had you been wondering if you could get instant access to some really convincing topics for argumentative essays? Well, your wish has been granted then. Before we get to discuss the guide, let us quickly present forth you some of the most popular topics for writing an impeccable argumentative essay.

Try using any of these ideas, if you wish to add a feather to your hats!

  1. Are humans responsible for global climate change?

  2. Should abortion be made illegal?

  3. Must animals be used for research?

  4. Should smoking be banned?

  5. Is the age for drinking alcohol appropriate or should it be increased or decreased?

  6. Is there any connection between boredom and trouble?

  7. Do you think war is caused due to religion?

  8. Is the government actively taking part in providing healthcare facilities during the current pandemic conditions?

Now that you have a certain idea about the topics that you can explore for writing a well-structured argumentative essay, let us now give you a glimpse of an argumentative essay example that has been drafted by one of our proficient writers. After that, we will be in a position to move ahead with how to write an argumentative essay guide.

Clear Your Doubts with This Argumentative Essay Example

The basic reason that drives students to the experts providing argumentative essay help is the lack of knowledge about these essays. If you find yourself in the same shoe, then this argumentative essay sample can help you.

argumentative essay sample

As you can see, this is the argumentative essay question that is based on the sustainable development goal 8 of the United Nations. Mainly, there are two styles that are used to write this essay.

argumentative essay sample 2

As mentioned in the image above, you can either go with style 1 or choose style 2 to write the argumentative essay. Unclear about any of the aspects of these styles? You can simply get in touch with our essay writers via the live one-on-one sessions and get all of your doubts clarified instantly.

After getting a glimpse of this argumentative essay example, now it will get easier to understand the guide to how to write an argumentative essay.

How To Begin An Argumentative Essay?

It must be made clear that the introduction of your argumentative essay must be crafted around the main argument that is also known as the thesis statement. Meticulously, you need to equip the readers with subtle background information and intermingle both of them with the evidence to help the readers understand the argument.

1. Make Use of an Enticing Hook

It is observed that the best argumentative essays are those that have the capability to lead the readers with the help of an interesting fact or statistic. Some of the greatest argumentative essay written till date also contains quotes, a variety of intriguing questions or a personal anecdote. Ultimately, whatever you do must be done with the motive of baiting the reader into your essay and engaging them till the end.

2. Give a Proper Background and Context

Out of the blue moon, can anyone understand what the argument of the essay intending to convey is? Just like we have started the blog by giving you some basic ideas on argumentative essay topics to accustom your brain towards this type of essay, it is necessary that you too provide some details on the events or situations that have made you choose the argument. Only when you and your readers are on the same page, you will be successful in drafting an impeccable argumentative essay.

3. Project Your Thesis Now

Now, we are finally ready to introduce the main essence of the argumentative essay to our readers. The background that you have begun to give in the previous section must smoothly transition into the thesis statement. After this, you just need to cleverly ‘introduce’ the evidence that would be backing up the argument in the essay. Remember that the keyword here is introduced, not explained!

How To Write The Body Paragraphs In An Argumentative Essay?

This is the battlefield for you, where you need to make use of all the evidence (weapons) that you have introduced in the previous paragraph and back up (defend) all your arguments. But, make sure to use only credible sources of information for extracting the evidence and reference it thoroughly. Else, it would definitely fall under the case of plagiarism. Slowly supporting the arguments, guide your readers until the conclusion.

How to Give a Concrete End to Your Argumentative Essay?

Certain points have to be kept in mind before ending the argumentative essay. Most of the students who have approached us with their questions on how to write an argumentative essay are related to the conclusion.

So, the following points must be adhered to, if you wish to give a solid finishing to your essays.

  1. You must never introduce any new idea here that has not been discussed in the essay. This might confuse the readers.

  2. Remember, the conclusion is not the summary of your essay. So, just highlight the main points and don’t explain them.

  3. There must be a re-iteration of the thesis statement, in conclusion, to re-emphasis on the arguments that have been supported.

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