Consumer Social Responsibility: A Broader Look Into The Concept!

December 27, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Consumer social responsibility (CSR) is a strategy that is used by marketers to enhance the image of a business brand. It is the procedure that is associated with establishing respectful relationships with the community, complying with the legal requirements of the business stringently, understand the values and ethics. But the question which arises here is, ‘Do the consumers really care about the purpose, ethics, and social responsibility? To answer this, we are here with this blog. My Assignment Services is a one-stop destination that has been always available for students with the answers to all their queries for more than a decade now. As this has been one of the most recurrent topics solved by our assignment help providers, we will assist you to explore this in a better way. Read the blog further to know how CSR regulates consumer behaviour in a marketing perspective.

CSR In Today’s Generation

As consumers, we all understand how important the environment is for us, don’t we? But are we actually making sincere efforts to protect it? There is an abundance of media articles and data that urge us to cut short the wastage of food, lessen or avoid the consumption of plastic so on. But the distance between planning and implementation still needs to be bridged. Only a handful of consumers have in reality shifted their approach to the one that favors the environment. Talking about the business organisations, few are those who vocalise their green credentials, while others still don’t discuss about CSR. Consumer social responsibility is a strategy that serves a dual purpose, where it enables consumers to promote sustainable development as well as business organisations to improve the reputation of their brand image. Even if we know the importance and benefits of CSR, we are far away from this. Here, the question that still looms large is why not CSR?

Consumer Social Responsibility: A Step Closer To Sustainable Development

Nowadays, when global warming is on a rise, the consequences of climate change are bound to dawn upon the consumers. This growing consciousness is what has empowered consumers to demand an environmental-friendly approach from their favourite brands. This is the reason a lot of brands are now partnering with charities, replacing their normal ingredients with those that are ethically sourced, making use of sustainable packaging, and more. However, the number of these companies is very low as compared to those who are still not entrenched in CSR.

Why Do Fewer Companies Care About Consumer Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility is not only a priority for consumers, it is for the companies as well. Research says that about 87% of the consumers willingly opt for those brands which are an active participant in standing for the issues that they care about. Naturally, consumers would also be interested in tracing the entire procedure of these organisations in solving various social issues across the globe. To clear this concept of consumer social responsibility and how it attracts more consumers, our assignment help providers have clubbed up a list of 4 organisations that have taken CSR initiatives and attracted more customers worldwide. 10 best socially responsible initiatives that keep customers coming back for more (1) By now, you might have understood how well this concept has penetrated the mindset of different marketers as well as the consumers. In addition to these companies, there are several others like Ivory Ella, IKEA, Charlie Hustle, MudLOVE, Levi’s Waterless and Starbucks which have shifted to a broader Consumer social responsibility approach and contributed towards sustainable development. As per our assignment help experts, the initiatives taken by these companies have not only allowed them to enhance the reputation of their brand image in the market but also acted as a customer retention tool in the long run.

Which Industries Need a Better CSR Policy?

Talking in terms of a CSR policy, every industry has a different set of instructions regarding consumer social responsibilities depending upon the sector it works upon. For instance, industries dealing with food manufacturing businesses have been under scrutiny for the recent few years. A lot of students have got assignments on explaining the cons of using unsustainable palm oil, using the packaging that is not recyclable and more. Comparing it with the fashion industry, it is believed that the food industry must have better consumer social responsibility policies. Given-below is an image that will let you know which industries should be held more accountable for having better CSR policies. CSR Policy

Points To Keep In Mind For Improving The Brand Perception Of a Consumer

CSR is a dual approach; both the consumer and the company are dependent on it. While the customers are responsible for only directing their attention towards sustainable business practices by different organisations, large business firms have to focus on the requirements of the consumers, if they wish to enhance their sales. Our marketing assignment help experts are here with a few points to remember whenever you think about improving brand perception:
  1. Quality of the products
  2. Customer service
  3. No corruption
  4. Environmental causes
  5. No misleading commitments to consumers
  6. Strong human rights track record
  7. Positive or neutral media stories about the brand
  8. Responsible sourcing of labor
  9. Strong consumer privacy record
  10. Environmental-friendly/ sustainable packaging
When your product has the above-mentioned features, your brand perception would definitely improve. If you are unclear with any of these points, then you can simply turn to our assignment help providers and subject experts who would not only help you understand them but also provide you with reference assignment solutions regarding consumer social responsibility (CSR).

Do Consumers Care About the Purpose, Ethics, And Social Responsibility?

About two-thirds of the consumers in the world today consider it a vital parameter to contribute to the world they live in. This is the reason they either purchase those brands that are associated with charities or give away certain portions of their earnings to people around the world. Companies like TOM, Community matters, etc, have come to the surface. Only 1 out of 10 people are those who stick to their favourite brands, irrespective of whether or not they are associated with charity or not. Our assignment help experts have observed this gradual process wherein students have shifted towards a sustainable approach for protecting the environment, which is why a lot of students have come to us to seek guidance on the marketing assignments that explore the dimensions of CSR. By now, I feel that you must have got to know how people have started caring about the purpose, ethics and social responsibility related to a brand. In case, you are not clear with any aspect of the assignments on consumer social responsibility, then our team of marketing experts can help you with this. My Assignment Services maintains a dedicated panel of certified experts who have scholarly degrees in marketing from various reputed universities all across the world. Naturally, we know all the nuances of writing these marketing assignments.

Need an Expert to Help You With Marketing Assignments?

In this blog, we are sure that you have realised how CSR regulates consumer behaviour in marketing. Similarly, our marketing assignment help experts have assisted students in clarifying a lot of concepts like this by correlating them with the broader aspects of marketing. Just like you have understood why consumers have now started caring for social responsibility, our reference assignment solutions will help you understand various other concepts and topics in marketing. My Assignment Services is a firm that has been functioning in this academic industry for more than 10 years now and is now profoundly efficient in providing robust solutions for your queries as well. To place an order with us, you can talk to our customer care executives or simply fill the order form available on our website.

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