Disruption is a word that is used frequently across different industries. But, what is it? We have seen a lot of people say that Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry, Netflix has disrupted TV, and more. In all these cases, the word ‘disruption’ signals to the changes that have been brought when there is a replacement of any product or service.

Among this enormous flux, the Automotive industry is the one that has undergone tremendous disruption. It is regardless to explain the imperativeness of transport in the foreseeable future, isn’t it? Realising this, our engineering assignment help experts are here to assist you to trace this trend in a better and comprehensive way, so that you are able to deal with the assignments on automobile engineering that are rolled out to you in your academic courses.

4 Levels Of Disruption In Automotive Industry

Our engineering assignment writers will speak about 4 levels that they have used and studied over the years. For the assignments that explore the automotive industry and the changes taking place in it, you can gain command over them just by studying these levels in depth:

1. The product

Over the years, the automobile industry has seen tremendous change in terms of the products. In the present scenario, students who decide to study automobile engineering get an opportunity to explore electric, autonomous and those shared vehicles that are digitally-connected.

As now your vehicles can be connected in the form of phones, the automobile industry is also paving way for a lot of tech players to evolve. This is why disruption in the automotive industry, in terms of product design is one such topic that has come to us recurrently from students for guidance.

2. Macro trends

To name some of the important macro trends in the world today, environmentalism, urbanisation, and digitisation are few of them. This is because, with the help of these trends, the impact and the way consumers are attracted towards the automobile industry is affected. Also, the concept of car sharing is entering the scene which is again contributing to mitigate the damage that is caused to the environment. As per our engineering assignment writing experts, not only it is helping save the environment but also saving people financially and reducing the congestion as well. With this automotive disruption, the needs and preferences of the consumers are bound to change dramatically in the future.

3. Industry trends

We all know who the traditional big players in this automotive industry are, don’t we? Some major manufacturers are Ford, BMW, and Toyota and they do not have to take the pain to market themselves.

These big companies are now enjoying the joint support of many others such as Facebook, Apple, Panasonic, and more. This is leading to the generation of several new automobile ecosystems that position themselves in the centre. Naturally, this disruption in the automotive industry is what every student wants to explore in their assignments. This is where our assignment help experts come into the scene and guide them on this.

4. Business models

Strategically, huge businesses are busy with reinventing themselves in the form of ‘mobility providers’ in the cape of car sellers. Naturally, at both the manufacturer as well as dealer level, new business models are coming to the surface. Because of this, the product mix, knowledge about the product, establishing client relationships, retaining and training the staff also changes. Thus, the disruption across business models in the automotive industry is also made easy by our engineering assignment writers for you.

How Is Customer Engagement Model Disrupting?

With the advent of technology, the digital experience of the customers is changing continually. Naturally, the customer engagement model is disrupted. To understand this better, students take help from online engineering assignment writing services.

disruption in the automotive industry

The image shows the characteristics of the consumer from the future. So, in a way, we can say that disruption in the automotive industry is bringing an improvised version of customer experience with the help of connectivity. If you are unclear with any aspects of the customer engagement model, then you can speak to our engineering assignment help experts for guidance.

What Are Some Practical Applications Of Connectivity in Automobile Case Studies?

Automobile Case Studies1. Customer-based non-mobility

With connectivity in the automotive industry, consumers get to access non-mobility services like health and wellbeing, smart home services, smart work services, and biometric services. For instance, students can get an idea of driver drowsiness detection, in-car delivery, accessing emails, and calendar with the help of satellite navigation and car-sharing fleet respectively.

As per our automobile case study help experts, the disruption in the automotive industry has led to a convenient user experience.

2. Customer-based mobility

In the case studies on automobile disruption, students also get to explore customer-based mobility services like driver behaviour services, POI services, payment services, travel preferences. For instance, our engineering assignment help experts have guided students on understanding concepts like gamification, providing vouchers, fuel payment, mobility apps under this.

3. Vehicle-based services

Our automobile case study help experts have also assisted students in tackling case studies where they get to handle vehicle-based services. They deal with insurance, maintenance, and repair, journey enhancements, safety, fleet management, infotainment, OTA, R&D. Our engineering assignment help experts have provided reference assignment solutions to students on UBI, predictive maintenance, parking, eCall, fleet management system, Spotify, power-train upgrade, and more topics. Having provided students with several reference case study solutions, we have become profoundly experienced in handling all the assignments that come our way. So, if you want our experts to guide you over any aspect of such assignments, you can talk to our customer care team right away.

Here’s all the Help that You will Need for Writing Assignments On Automotive Industry

In order to decipher these case studies better, our case study help providers believe that understanding disruption in the automotive industry is a must! In this blog, we have tried to incorporate all the vital points that play a crucial role in these case studies. However, there are several other dimensions that are yet to be explored. My Assignment Services has a dedicated panel of engineering experts who has been helping students secure top-notch grades in assignments related to the automotive industry. In addition to this, we also offer a wide range of lucrative and exciting value-added services that ease the task for students. Want to know more about them? Speak to our customer care team today!

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