Concepts of Juvenile Justice And Child Protection

August 30, 2019
Author : Ashley Simons

The following blog highlights the concepts of juvenile justice and child protection with a topic considering a focus on youth justice supervision. Typically, we are discussing some processes and practices that can manage children and young people who have committed an offense. Generally, children who are aged 10 years or more than this, are charged with an offense are considered under. Let us take a deeper look into the particular aspect.

Classification of Juvenile Justice Supervision

Thee two main types of juvenile justice supervision that you must know are:
  • Community-based supervision - Young people who live within different communities have been supervised by the youth justice department.
  • Detention - Juveniles who are either detained in a detention facility or a youth justice centre.

Literature Reviews Related to Juvenile Justice and Child Protection

Although the report says that the increased risk of juvenile justice majorly revolves around the effects of maltreatment. However, to better understand the role of different systems of child welfare, you need a tailor-made service to make way for such systems. Let us consider an ecological framework that makes sure such child welfare system experiences revolve around maltreatment and delinquency.

Age at Maltreatment involvement

There has been several types of research that suggests that age is a considerable factor of delinquency and juvenile justice. The research has demonstrated that children at very young ages have been involved with juvenile justice and child welfare. Our law assignment help experts have analysed several data that have resulted in the form of family problems leading into maltreatment of children that were resolved by adolescence when the involvement of juvenile justice was most likely.

Out of Home

There have been many reportings on the cases of juvenile justice to the fact that youth removed from their homes. This has increased the experiences of abuse and neglect when compared with the children who have been receiving in-home facilities. The research studies suggest that the association between out-of-home placement and justice system involvement is related to the traumatic experiences and disruption is being taken out of their homes and making them adjusted in new living situations.

Placement Stability

As part of literature reviews, some researchers have pointed that out of home placements were not as responsible for problems faced by youth than placement instability. However, for children out of their homes, there are studies that have explored the relationship of placement stability with that of juvenile justice involvement.

Mental Health and Involvement of Substance Abuse

There has been a lot of problems found in the mental health of such juveniles who have committed a crime of a much bigger scale. Research studies say that the majority of them were a part of the substance abuse system which is directly in association with substance abuse. However, a limitation of such studies has clearly depicted the exclusion of youth with the relevant child welfare involvement that began from a young age. The study also looked into the matter when findings were seen to depict depression was related to the increasing delinquent behavior for girls while substance use was related to the increasing delinquent behavior for boys.

Educational Point of View

From the educational point of view, law students need to typically get hold of such concepts. Additionally, academic assignments revolve a lot around case study analysis of such situations and come out in choosing a specific decision. Also, students need to adhere strictly as per the required guidelines so that they can learn Juvenile justice and child protection as well as use these concepts in your professional career for the welfare of the society.

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