How To Write A Business Research Proposal

August 31, 2019
Author : Syd Howell

Writing a business research proposal is quite important for students who are pursuing related courses so as to develop the skills of critical thinking and enhance their career opportunities. It serves as a means to introduce the corresponding issue or concern and effectively investigate it. One of the main highlighting points of a business research proposal is that it gives the opportunity to enhance the students’ intellectual abilities. The exceptionally learn in evaluating their arguments, selecting the important arguments and focussing on the essential factors to discuss their potential research. Let us take a look at what sections a business research proposal actually comprises of.

Structure of Your Business Research Proposal

The structure of your business research proposal varies as per the institutional as well as organisational requirements. But this variability does not usually impact the basic structural model and thereby, include six major components: Structure of Your Business Research Proposal

Title of your business Research Proposal

The title needs to be concise and informative at the same time. This should give your readers enough information so as to grasp their attention that can trigger their curiosity levels. The relevant title also considers an important factor to make your readers aware of the following research that they are going to read.


The abstract helps to summarise every section of your proposal within a few sentences so as to give a general idea of the subject that you have undertaken. The main highlighting points of this section can be your key findings as well as practical applicability.


The introduction lets you initiate your content. Starting from the subject within the context to the scenarios of larger businesses, it ensures the opening statement that identifies a specific set of problems that needs to be resolved against the corresponding research. The thesis statement can include your introduction, outlining the proposed activities as well as the description of the expected outcomes.

Literature Review

A literature review is considered as the core section of your business research proposal. What you will include? A literature review provides justification for the effort and future research that has contributed to the respective subject area. It demonstrates the researcher having extensive knowledge of the field and specific problems in overcoming the newest trends in the theory. Furthermore, the literature review is there to fill the gap between theory and normal business practice.


The methodology section comprises of all the outlining parts considering the activities that a writer plans to perform to reach towards his research objectives. The prime point in researching a certain methodology is identifying appropriate data collection techniques so as to gather relevant and usable data. You can use appropriate data collection methods such as surveys, discussion focus groups, face-to-face interviews to collect primary data. Additionally, by the use of annual and market reports, organisation structure charts, exclusive speeches, and publications, etc. you can collect secondary data. It can assist you in providing insights into the proposed research methods.


In the concluding section, you have to present a brief review of every previous section that you have discussed. Important elements in the conclusion section consider goals, action plan and the practical implementation of the business theory.

References and Bibliography

In order to avoid plagiarism hole, you need to give out references of the source where you have taken help from. This can include books, journals, web content, newspaper articles, business statistics report, and many more. If you need any type of assistance, you are free to contact our online research proposal writing help experts anytime.

Steps to Begin

If the proposed structure is clear, then let us look at what points to take care of while writing your business research proposal.
  • Focussing on the originality - Keeping a prime focus to write a 100% original research proposal is important.
  • Identify your audience - If you want your business research proposal to shine like stars, you need to take a look at your audience and produce content that matches the language of your audience. For example, if it is meant for your university professor, you need to include a lot of research data in it and so forth.
  • Your goals should be clear - Ensure your goals are clear and you have clearly written those objectives in your sections.
  • Avoid mistakes - A good error-free content is what binds the audience together. This is the reason why students should set their focus on avoiding grammatical, sentence and typographical mistakes.

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