92442 Complex Nursing Care Assessment 1 Answer

April 09, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

Are you a student who has to write 92442 complex nursing care assessment 1 answer? Are you looking for a detailed understanding of the assignment question file? Then you are at the right place. My Assignment Services’ nursing assignment help expert is going to give a detailed explanation of the question. Also, you will learn how to prepare the answer.

What do you have to do in this assignment?

The assessment wants you to prepare a nursing care plan for a patient in the form of a report. Let us see the assignment guidelines to see that you and I are aboard the same train or not.

This is an excerpt of the assignment question that I received.

As you can see, the assessment wants you to prepare a report.

How to write 92442 complex nursing care assessment 1 answer?

To write this assignment, you have to choose one of the patient situations. For my assignment, I had Christopher Collins case study. After diagnosis, the result was osteoarthritis in the left knee. Here is the case study -

It is a snippet, of course. Anyway, the point is how to write the nursing care plan for this assessment. The steps are as below -

1. Read the case study

Reading the case study makes you aware of what the assignment is asking of you. Also, you will be aware of what all information is provided to you and what do you need to arrive at the conclusion.

The important observations that you can draw from the case study are -

  • Diagnosed with early-stage osteoarthritis in the left knee

  • Admitted for a left high tibia knee osteotomy

  • Plate and screws were used to stabilise the tibia

  • Discharged with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief, non-weight bearing on crutches and fitted for a supportive knee brace

While reading the case study, note down all such information. This will allow you to refer to them while writing the answer.

2. Note down the patient problems

You cannot suggest a nursing care plan unless you know what the patient is suffering from. To identify the patient problems from the case study, learn the principles of the nursing process or clinical reasoning cycle.

3. Nursing interventions

When you have identified the nursing interventions, suggest ways also to treat them. Here, you will discuss about the nursing interventions that you are going to adopt.

These interventions can be -

  1. Independent - you, as a nurse, will initiate them

  2. Dependent - you do not know much about this and will frame your care on the treatment by the doctor

  3. Collaborative - you and the doctor work closely and together to ensure that the patient gets well

4. Gathering patient data

Read the case study closely again and note down all the patient data that you can find. These data will either be observational (verified through tests) or subjective (as described by the patient).

5. Differentiate the patient problem as actual or potential

The actual problems are those which exist at the time of the patient’s diagnosis or inspection. These problems are immediate to the patient and need urgent resolving. Actual problems include -

  • The patient is suffering from anxiety due to ________

  • A wound infection has manifested at the surgery site because of __________

  • Due to _______ , there is a shortage of fluids in the body system causing dehydration

On the other hand, there are potential problems that the patient can develop over time. They can either be side effects of the medicine, the treatment approach, the intervention or any other problem that was unforeseeable. Potential problems include -

  • Patient is at a risk of infection due to ______

  • Patient may develop DVT due to ______

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