Every university in Australia offers to study as per its education system and curriculum where students undergo multiple tasks, and assignment is one of them. Assignments can come in various forms such as writing a project, conducting surveys and preparing a final report, writing essays, and presenting presentations, etc. Today, in this blog, our nursing assignment help experts have defined how to write mental health essays. Nursing assignments can be categorised in different forms including mental health. Every student who wants to craft his mental health assignment on his own can read the details explained under. Before going ahead, you must understand what is Mental Health and its related terms. 

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is described as a stage of psychological wellbeing or an absence of mental illness. World Health Organisation (WHO) says “Mental Health includes perceived self-efficacy, subjective well-being, competence, autonomy, self-actualisation of one's emotional and intellectual potential, inter-generational dependence, among others".

Mental Health and Illness

As per the U.K. Surgeon Journal published in 1999, the term mental health can be explained as a performance related to mental function that results in providing the ability to cope with diversity and to adapt the change, productive activities, and fulfilling relationships with others. The term mental illness is an accumulation of all the diagnosable mental disorders - health conditions are identified or marked by a change in behavior, mood, thinking, and impaired functioning. Mental illness and mental health are two different but related aspects. A person with excellent mental health might have a mental illness, and people with mental illness have the chance of poor mental health. Now, we are going to talk about a unit “CNA256 – Mental Health”. This unit code is generally studied by students of the University of Tasmania. The main purpose of this unit is to provide knowledge of mental health and illness to students of nursing. Moreover, it deals with a consumer-based approach to health care that provides knowledge of mental health practices including self-management in a chronic condition, holistic care, recovery, and disease prevention. Additionally, CNA256 – Mental Health unit enhances the ability to develop real-time communication strategies during the Mental State Examination (MSE). CNA256: Mental Health Unit Summary If we talk about its assessment, you will have to cover three different tasks which are online quiz (15%), written assignment 2000 words (35%), and Written 2-hour exam (50%). With the help of this blog, we have tried to provide a systematic-approach to write CNA256: Mental Health assessment 2. For assessment 2, you must write an essay of 1500 words on “Discuss the significance of Recovery principles in the provision of care for individuals with mental health problems”. The main purpose of assessment 2 is to demonstrate the understanding and develop knowledge of the historical background of mental health and its effect on challenges faced by a person during recovery. With the successful completion of the assessment, you will have adequate knowledge about the recovery approach and mental health care applications.

Approaches To Write CNA256: Mental Health Assessment 2

There could be several methods to write CNA256: Mental Health essay based on the understanding of a writer. However, how our nursing assignment experts write CNA256: Mental Health assessment 2 is given below:

Approach 1: Start with Introduction

Writing the introduction of an essay can be tricky because it is the first point of contact with the readers. Thus, it is important to present a good introduction providing background of the topic, including thesis, relevant information, avoid clichés, etc. Your introduction should be written in a way to convince the reader that your essay is worth. 

Approach 2: Write the thesis and body section

Once you are done with the introduction, the next section is to write body paragraphs. Paragraphs include three important sections i.e. point, illustration, and explanation. You can also remember these points through acronym PIE which is quite helpful in preparing a coherent and well-structured paragraph. In academics, a paragraph must have a minimum of three sentences but can be longer as per the information. While writing CNA256 – Mental Health essay, you must focus on the following:

Explain the key concepts of the Recovery Approach for Mental Health Care

For a mentally ill, recovery is about acknowledging his identity, gaining and retaining hope, social identity, personal autonomy, meaning and goal in life, etc. The main motive of aspects of recovery-oriented mental health practice is to make sure that mental health services are provided in such a manner that they support the mentally ill. The key concepts are mentioned below:

  • Acknowledging self-identity
  • Building coping strategies
  • Nurturing hope
  • A sense of having supportive relationships
  • A sense of empowerment

Discuss the problems related to mental health care 

While going through the books and lecture notes, you will find that there are various types of mental health issues with different treatment options. The experts providing nursing assignment services say that being a student you must know different types of mental health care problems, for example; anger, panic and anxiety attacks, bipolar disorder, BDD, BPD, depression, and more. Students who lack such knowledge can opt for online assignment help services assisting in writing healthcare and nursing assignments. Contacting them can help you in preparing a well-structured and researched essay covering all the essential information.

Approach 3: Conclude Your Essay

The conclusion is the last paragraph of your CNA256: Mental Health essay. It provides closure and a summary of arguments and thesis. It is a point where you can impress your reader by giving an understanding of why CNA256: Mental Health essay paper matters. Concluding your essay is not less challenging than writing an introduction. Have you ever wondered how to conclude your CNA256 essay? Keep on reading to find the appropriate way to conclude an essay:

  • Summarise the key thesis by paraphrasing. 
  • Reexamine the supporting ideas of the argument.
  • Relate your conclusion with the essay hook and closing statement to opening one.
  • Compile all these to expand and improve the conclusion.

Approach 4: Provide excellent academic writing including references

This section asks you to provide an accurate presentation of referencing and academic writing. Thus, it becomes essential that CNA256: Mental Health essay must be virtually free from grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, you must know reference styles such as APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc. This assignment requires fluency in Harvard referencing style. If you have any issues in referencing your assignment, contact My Assignment Services. We have a team of experts who are fluent in all the references covered by the university.

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