Psychology is a broad field of study that is full of challenging case studies to decipher. While some of them deal with real-life challenges, others demand a concrete foundation of theoretical knowledge. The main reason why students have a kind of aversion for these case studies is that they need to utilise their knowledge on applying both practical as well as theoretical knowledge in psychology, as per the guidelines provided. One of the case studies that have come to us recurrently this week is theSarah case study. Realising the frequency of this case study onchild development,My Assignment Servicesis here with the basic approach for this one. Ourpsychology assignment helpexperts would take you round this case study and help you find possible solutions for this assignment in this blog.

Sarah Case Study: The Question

For any psychology case study, the very first step is to be thorough with the case details. Talking about this particular case study, you cannot proceed if you are not aware of the details of the child. Ourpsychology assignment writersmake notes of the main highlights in the given case so that they can use them while finding the solutions for this case. developmental stage of Sarah To describe the developmental stage of Sarah, our experts make use of two theories in thisSarah case study. Let us talk about both of them in detail.

1. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory

For this case study onchild development, the first theory that ourcase study assignment helpexperts use is theEcological systems theory, also known as the bio-ecological systems theory. This theory states that: The development of a child depends upon the system of relationships that are responsible for forming the environment where he/she lives in. With this theory, complex “layers” of the environment are defined that contributes towardschild development. So, if there is any change in any of the layers, the entire development of the child gets hampered. The image below depicts this theory more clearly. development of the child

2. Erickson’s theory of psychological development

The primary area which this theory focused upon is the psychosocial development of a child. According to this theory, the contribution of the ego helps to master various attitudes at different stages ofchild development. Erickson’s theory of psychological development mainly comprises of eight development stages, each of which has two conflicting ideas that need to be resolved. Only then, the child becomes more confident. As per ourpsychology assignment helpexperts, these are the 8 stages of Erickson’s theory of psychological development: v Stage 1- Trust V/S Mistrust v Stage 2- Autonomy V/S Shame and Doubt v Stage 3- Initiative V/S Guilt v Stage 4- Industry V/S Inferiority v Stage 5- Identity V/S Confusion v Stage 6- Intimacy V/S Isolation v Stage 7- Generativity V/S Stagnation v Stage 8- Integrity V/S Despair The image below will help you understand this better. theory of psychological development In addition to these theories, our psychology assignment writers also help students under other theories like Piaget’s and Vygotsky's theory forchild development. In case, you are unclear about any of these, you can always seek our guidance to understand them better. For now, let us proceed and see how ourpsychology assignment helpexperts write the essay for this question.

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Sara Case Study: The Solution

Using the above theories, now students are required to write an essay for this question. For this, you have to imagine yourself as a social worker who has been delegated the responsibility of assisting Sarah to develop her resilience. Have a look at how ourpsychology assignment writersdraft this essay onchild development.

  • First of all, we begin by giving a brief introduction about Sarah and talk about howErickson’s theory of psychosocial development affects her.
  • The next section talks about all the adversities that have impacted on the healthy development of Sarah. Here, we mainly focus on the mental health conditions of Sarah and relate it withBronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory. With the help of this theory, we try to find out the factors that have impacted the mental conditions of Sarah. Also, ourpsychological assignment help experts incorporate instances from her day-to-day life, to establish a connection between the events and this theory to state the working of the discussed psychological theory in the case of Sarah.
  • Now, we talk about the protective environment and bring forth certain facts from credible sources of information to substantiate the relationship between the conditions of those children who do not get a protected environment and ill mental conditions.
  • This section is centered aroundvulnerability and resilience. Here, we draw a comparison between nuclear and joint families to understand the main contributors to psychological vulnerability, of which Sarah is a victim. After this, we suggest some solutions from our end to mitigate this problem for Sarah. TheSarah Case studyends with providing the details of some mental diseases that hamperchild developmentsuch as CAPRD, DSM-5 for which respective clinical treatments have also been suggested by ourpsychology assignment help
  • In the end, we give closure to this case study by giving a concrete conclusion. The primary aim of this conclusion is to reiterate the main thesis statement that has been used in the introduction as well by us. At last, we relate all the above-discussed psychological theories with the problem that has been addressed in the case study. Due to this, the readers are left with the responsibility to think of the solutions for the same.

However, this essay has a lot of dimensions that haven't been explored yet. To know more about them, you can simply contact our customer care executives. In case, you require us to help you with any other case study, send us all the requirements and we will get back to you shortly with the reference assignment solution for it.

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