Christmas is right around the corner. People everywhere are preparing themselves to dive into the Christmas spirit with the Black Friday. The day marks the official beginning for the Christmas shopping and we are sure you have a wish list lined up already.

Pending Assignments? Dispose of them!

Students are not able to manage so many tasks at once and it leads to procrastination more often than we want to. Moreover, these assignments are not at all liked by the students when it becomes a decision of doing or die for them. You gotta choose one, either shopping till your legs give away and your bank goes broke, or write these assignments while people all around you are carrying shopping bags.  

  Sounds like a scary dream. Brrr. Even we couldn’t gather the courage to face such a situation in the eye. So, we are thinking that everyone is like us. What we wouldn’t want to happen to us, why should we wish that upon someone else? So, do you have any pending assignments whose deadline is approaching? Do you have any assignments that are going to act as an obstacle to some future date? Then, you are at the right place!

What is My Assignment Services Doing for This?

We don’t want you to miss out on the precious shopping list that you have prepared for this Black Friday. We also don’t want you to miss out on the grades that this assignment is going to award you. Hmmm. Thats a difficult situation that we are in. What can we do, so that you enjoy this beginning of the shopping and also the assignments?  

  Oh, we know it! You can take our assignment help so that your academic journey doesn’t stop at any cost and you are all set to take a deep dive in this Christmas shopping.

Here Is A Surprise For You!

We know what a good partner you have been to us through the years and how much you trust us. So, we decided that there is nothing better to offer to you than a sale to mark the starting of a season. So, every type of assignment writing service that you are looking for, every subject that you can possibly think of and every course that is offered in the Australian universities; we are offering a flat 50% discount on all assignment help services. Yes. You heard that right, mate. Flat 50% off!  

  It doesn’t matter if your assignment is due the day or the next month, you can avail of this one day sale and get the guidance of our experts. The countdown has begun and we are locked and loaded. All we are waiting for is the clock to strike 12 and you to flood our inbox with assignment queries.

What You Have To Do?

Grabbing the one day sale is not rocket science or some universal mystery that needs Sheldon Cooper’s intellect to solve. No, even a Penny can solve this (literally, as well). All you have to do is search for all the assignments that you have; pending and are approaching soon and other ones as well that will be submitted sooner than later. Then, you have to wait for the sale countdown to hit the zero mark and send your query. Stay updated with the status of the sale by registering yourself with us. Or, save the link in your browser. Visit


Quality vs Price

Cheap assignment help is always required by student. That is justifiable as well because a student cannot afford to spend their entire savings on getting their assignments done under a professional expert’s eye. Thus, affordable assignment writing service is a preferred destination for them. My Assignment Service has always made sure to maintain the balance between the quality of the assignments and the pricing that fits the budget of the students. You will get the same My Assignment Services standard, just for the half price.

Points To Remember

  • The sale is valid for one day only, i.e. a time duration of 24 hours. So, make sure that you are all set before the sale goes live.
  • The more the merrier, so invite your friends and spread the good gospel among the masses. Maybe there is a kid in your class who is struggling with their assignment. Guide them towards enlightenment from the industry experts at half the price.
  • All assignment help services are offered at a 50% discount. This means that you will be paying half the amount that you would have paid earlier or anywhere.

Get the best assignment help for a flat 50% discount in this one day sale. Register yourself at to stay updated!

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