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BSBMGT517 Operational Environment Assessment Answer
March 25, 2019
Author : Benny Carter

If you have to write an analysis of the operational environment of an organisation in the case study, you must be searching the web for BSBMGT517 assessment answer. And you will be elated to know that the marketing assignment help expert at My Assignment Services will be delivering the solution and explaining how to write the answer for your assignment.

The assignment that I solved was related to an organisation called BBQfun

Before you get all excited and decide to copy this blog, I need you to see if the assignment that you have has the same requirements as the one I have or not. For that, I need you to carefully see the image below and compare it with your BSBMGT517 assignment.


Here is the assignment I prepared BSBMGT17 assessment answer for.

You might not be having the exact same question but I want you to check if this is similar to the one or not. The students whose assignment did not meet this one, you can take marketing assignment help and see how you need to do it.

Rest, follow me to this blog post. Go, go, go!

How to solve this BSBMGT517 assessment?

Like any other good assignment, you need to read what the instructions say. Yes, this boring is essential for this assignment. You will get a lot of information on what you should do and will make the task much easier. That is the secret of marketing assignment writers you ask for help.

So, what is that you need to do in the assignment?

Read the case study

Every assignment will have an organisation. Mine had BBQfun so I will explain to you the assignment with respect to that only. The appendix have an entire case study that you need to read and then analyse.

Write a summary

When you have read the case study, you need to prepare your points for the operational environment of BBQfun. In that, you will include the following points -

  • The legislative and regulatory contexts

  • Outline of the policies and procedures

  • Operational plan’s importance to implement e-commerce strategy

  • Discussion about creating new operational plan or amending the current one

To give you an idea of how are you going to write this section, here is a snapshot of the part “Legislative and Regulatory Context”.

This is what policies and procedures will look like -

Resource requirements

You need to search all the sources that you can to identify the resources you need to implement this e-commerce strategy.

And do not undermine this section for your report. It is often the smaller things that hurt the most, right? This is how you will write this section in your report -

Developing an action plan

When you have conducted the research for the resources and have laid out the operational plan for the organisation, you need to propose what are you going to do about it. This means that you have to prepare an action plan which includes -

  • Physical resources

  • Human resources

  • Timeline and milestones

  • Consultation and communication

The action plan will look something like this -

Performance indicators

In your plan, you also need to present what factors affect the operations and finance of the business. Accordingly, you will prepare targets, develop a new plan or make changes in the existing plan.


No plan is foolproof. If anyone says so, he is going to commit a mistake for sure. So, when you have developed an operational plan, you need to identify what threats lie in the execution of the plan. These risks will help you prepare the contingency plans for the situation because a wise man once said, “Always have a contingency plan”.

Your contingency plan will look something like this -

Do you see how everything has a deadline attached to it so that the task can be completed in the time allotted? Also, the concerned personnel who will be responsible for the task has been identified as well.

Resourcing proposal

In the end, you have to prepare a proposal for resourcing that will include -

  • Cost breakdown

  • Implementation of resourcing

  • Benefits to the organisation

  • Approach for developing key performance indicators

  • Threat to the organisation if the action plan is not implemented

  • Overview of risks and contingency plans

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