Steps To Create Operations Plan For Your Business Plan
March 25, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Are you a marketing student who has to write to a business plan assignment for your unit? Then you must be also looking for what is an operations plan and how to prepare it. When you have to prepare the operations plan, what better way is there to prepare it other than taking help of online marketing assignment help experts?

What actually is operations plan?

In every business plan, you present the A to Z of your business. Literally everything. Right from the time you are getting the first dollar for your business to making it a fortune 500 company, everything is there.

Hence, your business plan also has everything related to the operations of the business. You mention everything in detail - the objectives, goals, procedures and time. No, it is not a waste of time. It is an important section for the investors and for you as well.

Your operations plan is based on the 5Ws.

1. Who

You need to identify the departments and the personnel who will be responsible for completing the tasks.

2. What

Here you need to explain everything related to the departments you will have in the business and what will be their roles and responsibilities.

3. Where

Here you need to mention where all the business processes will be taking place.

4. When

When is related to the time frame. This means that you need to mention the deadlines for every task in the business plan and an approximate time for their completion.

5. How Much

The parameter of the cost is not to be ignored. Therefore, all your business activities need to have a defined budget to carry out all their tasks. So, in your operations plan, you should define the cost each department will need to complete the activities.

Step 1. Goals and Objectives

The marketing assignment help experts say that the key to writing a flawless operations plan lies in having a clear objective and goal. And I cannot agree more. You see, if you will have a clear mind on what the organisation you are trying to set up, you will be able to convince the investors into believing your mission.

Remember, an uprising can become a revolution of the spark is enough to ignite the flames in the minds of the people.

The 21st century belongs to the smart workers, not hard workers. Hence, you need to prepare SMART objectives. SMART means -

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Realistic

  • Time-bound

Step 2. Production Process

Creating the objectives and goals is just one part of the journey. Once you have defined what goals you have to achieve, you need to think about how are you going to meet them.

Well, if you want to achieve the targets, you better have the weapons ready, right? You need to make sure that all the departments have the necessary resources available with them. They can be -


Identify the suppliers from whom you need to obtain the raw material (if you need any).

Equipment and Technology

Every department in business needs several types of equipment and technologies so that they are able to execute their processes. Therefore, you need to identify what equipment and technology are needed and procure everything that is needed.

This is just the description of the production processes of the business. But you also need to take a plunge into the operating process. This is the way the investors will get an insight into how the daily activities in the organisation will be carried out.

Step 3. Timeline

Creating a timeline and target for your business is always beneficial. Defining deadlines and time frame for every task allows you and your employees to be focussed on their task and often becomes a good method to track the efficiency of the employees.

Some milestones that you can put up are -

  1. Defining the important designations in the organisation that you need to fill as soon as possible for the business to run.

  2. Preparing checkpoints for the various stations in the production that allows you to check the time taken by each department to complete the task.

  3. Creating targets for the marketing team and the sales operatives so that you can keep a check on how well the operations of your business are yielding results.

What do you learn?

The operations plan is the way you let the investors know how your business will run. You will come to know who you need to recruit in the business, where do you want to set up your shop and when will the project be delivered.

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