You might have often heard about how dynamic nature is. In fact, there’s no such thing as a perfect balance! Quite surprising? Though a lot of you might think this concept to be an enduring one, in reality, it does not even exist.

Even if we see ancient Greek time or the lion king time, you will find that people have tried to demonstrate a balance between nature. But, is the real world actually that way? This is the biggest question that looms large in the minds of students these days. So, in this blog, our science assignment help experts will discuss the Balance of Nature and Everything About It that you need to know.

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Is Nature Balanced?

The balance between nature is possible only when all the living organisms including plants, animals, and humans live together in harmony. And among these three categories, humans play a pivotal role in striking this balance for it is completely dependent on their activities. Despite knowing this, they often carry out several activities that pose threats and dangers to nature.

Only a handful of people try to conserve it, while the majority of the people exploit forests, introduce invasive species in agriculture, plunder crops, and so on and do not let the balance stay. Owing to this, a lot of protectionist groups and conservation activists have come up to the surface.

This is just the beginning of the Balance of Nature that you need to know. Let us proceed ahead with the balance of nature definition and then it will become a lot easier for you to understand this concept.

Balance of Nature Definition

There is a continuous interaction between the biotic and environmental entities in nature. Balance of nature is a state of equilibrium in which there is a balance between them. It says that if there is even a slight change in this equilibrium, then there will be feedback that will bring back everything to its original position. Though it might seem to be easily understood, the complexities increase when we begin with the natural balance theory.

Do you know what it is? Worry not if you don’t, as our science assignment help writers are all at your disposal to assist you to grab the topic super soon! So, let us throw some light on this theory and see what all it says.

What Does The Natural Balance Theory Say?

The balance theory holds true if there is an inter-dependence in the given population. This will be easily understood with the predator-prey system or the herbivorous-vegetation system. As there is so much chaos in the natural population, it is never possible to have a completely-balanced natural system. This is the reason a lot of scientists and scholars often criticise the concept of balanced nature.

What Is Predator And Prey Interaction?

This interaction is significant because there is often disorderly behaviour in nature. Population sizes also change randomly. However, they are completely based on the simple relationship between population and the source from where it derives its food.

Intrigued by the Concept of Balance of Nature

What Role Does Human Intervention Play in Maintaining The Balance Of Nature?

Most conservationists predict that human intervention has never done any good to the balance of nature. They believe that human interaction can only contribute to destroying the natural ecological balance. Though this holds some truth, however, it is not completely true.

There are several instances in which humans have played a pivotal role in striking a balance in nature. One of the best examples of this is America’s Rainforests. Humans have been quite cooperative in planting and replacing trees here due to which the natural balance is still there.

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