4 Language Features Students Must Know Before Writing The Academic Assignment

November 08, 2021
Author : Kristy

“Whenever I get academic assignments to complete, I get nightmares of missing out on deadlines, '' says Natalia, a student at Deakin”. This is the condition of a majority of the students in Australia and across the world.

Writing an academic assignment follows a number of conventions that one must master for securing desirable grades. Having said that, we are also aware of the technicalities that students face when writing an assignment.

In this blog, our assignment help experts in Australia will discuss 4 Language Features Students Must Know Before writing the academic assignment. With this, you will have an idea of the most crucial elements of an academic assignment so that you can use them well in your work.

what are the main features of academic writing

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Four Chief Features of Academic Writing

Writing an academic assignment in English is characterised by a distinctive style- it follows a formal tone and has some Language Features Students Must Know Before writing the academic assignment.

You just need to work upon these four main features of academic writing and try to incorporate them into your work, and you’re done!

1. Objectivity

There are several issues that are addressed in an academic assignment. The task of academic writing is to arrive at an objective position; a stature that is governed by and emphasises research. Also, being objective here means staying away from personal opinions and biases.

This is the reason, you won’t find personal pronouns like ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘We’ in most of the academic papers for these present subjective opinions that are driven by personal biases. Let us provide you with one of the examples of subjective viewpoints that you must not incorporate into your assignments.

Features of Academic Writing

For making the work objective, you can try the following points:

  • You can try to use the topic as the subject.
  • If you make the verb passive in the sentence, then also half of your work will be done
  • If you want to use ‘it’ then use it as an empty subject

If you are not able to use personal pronouns, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to express your viewpoint. You can do it by using logical argumentation.

2. Formality

Academic writing is known to be one of the most explicit forms of writing. This is why you will get all the required information from the work. If you wish to make the work formal, then you can try the following pointers.

  • If you have used any ‘chatty’ words in the work, then you can try and replace those informal words with formal ones.
  • Try to avoid all the rhetorical questions in the assignment that are not possible to answer
  • Don’t use contractions and stick to full words
  • Do not bring in unspecified categories
  • Avoid colloquial expressions

Let us give you an example of this to help you understand it better.

Features of Academic Writing Example

3. Precision

Academic writing is also characterised by precision. Therefore, you must try to enhance precision in the work. Our assignment help experts in Australia have guided several students on this. To do this, you can try the following points:

  • Focus on details and specificity: Never include ambiguity in your academic assignments. The details and specificity in your work depends on what is the purpose of the work
  • Go for the verbs that are enough to express the concepts well: There are so many possible meanings of different verbs that you can use in your work. However, choosing the most appropriate ones is the task for you. For instance, for the verb ‘get’ you can get the following meanings. Receive (get an Email), arrive (get here by 8), obtain (get a picturesque view), buy (get new pants), etc

4. Hedging

It is one of the most crucial aspects of academic writing that is used in conveying caution or those statements that can stay unapproved. These are some of the tactics that are used by our assignment help experts in Australia avoid generalisations.

  • Incorporate quantifiers such as some, more, few, etc
  • Use modal verbs like can, could, may, would, might, etc
  • Make use of adverbs like usually, occasionally, often, etc

This is the hedging example that has been prepared by our academic writing help experts.

Features of Academic Writing Example at My Assignment Services

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