Alliteration: Definition, Types and Examples

October 22, 2021
Author : Kristy

“Amelia’s Aunty Asked About Antarctica”, or “Cathy can Cuddle comfortably”.

What do you think these sentences are? Or, is there a definite purpose behind emphasising the first letter of every word? Well, this is a literary device known as Alliteration that has become quite popular nowadays. Having said that, we can also not deny the intricacies that students face while dealing with using Alliteration in their work. This is what brings them to our experts who provide them with flawless assignment writing services.

In this blog, we will take you around the world of Alliteration and help you with its definition and types so that you can understand them well. Not just this, our experts also have covered a variety of examples for you to make this task a lot simpler.

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Purpose of Alliteration

Alliteration: Definition, Types, And Examples

Let us first know what is alliteration? Putting it simply, it is a figure of speech in literature in which there is a repetition of the same consonant in a group of words within a sentence. For instance: “Bob brought the box of balloons over the bridge.” As you can see, the repeating sound either comes from the first letter of the words, or from the stressed syllables of those words.

Other than this, there are some key takeaways from the definition of alliteration that our assignment help experts have specially come up for you.

These are:

  1. Not only do the letters repeat in alliteration, but even the sound does.
  2. There is no compulsion that the words have to appear one after the other. Some words can even come in between.
  3. The scope of alliteration is huge; you can find them in a wide range of poetry, prose, as well as even in commercial pieces of writing.

Now, let us move on to the different types of alliteration that you must know before you proceed with the assignments covering this figure of speech.

Types Of Alliteration

There are four types of alliteration that are a must to know for you. Fret not if you don’t, our academic writing help experts have already got it covered for you. Over the years, we have assisted a lot of students in gaining a comprehensive knowledge of all these four alliteration types.

1. General Alliteration

One of the simplest types of alliteration is when the initial sounds repeat in a sentence. You can simply see these sentences and identify them. For example- Sally saw six sausages. As you can see, S is getting repeated again and again. Similarly, the sound of S is also getting repeated.

2. Unvoiced Alliterations

There are some alliterations that can be expressed in any form within a speech. For example- some words might be silent in a sentence, however, they somehow contribute to the effect that alliteration produces.

Example- “Polly just picked up the pink pterodactyl”.

As you can see in the sentence, the alphabet P is silent in the last word. However, it contributes to the alliteration effect in the sentence.

3. Consonance

When the repetition is of the consonants at the beginning, middle, and end of the sentences, it is consonance. “Yes, Yusuf yelled at Yohan”. In this example, you can see how Y is getting repeated.

4. Assonance

When the vowels repeat in the beginning, middle, and end of the sentence, then it is known as assonance. For example- “Amelia’s aunt ate the apples”. In this sentence, A is getting repeated.

assonance example

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Alliteration word in blue

These are some examples of alliteration that must have helped you in knowing more about the different types of alliteration. If you still get stuck while using these in your assignments, then you can always come up to our assignment help experts for guidance. We have used ample alliterations in different assignments, thus, we have become proficient in handling a wide range of queries from students. Also, we are available 24*7 via interactive live sessions for you.

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