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As per the University of Missouri, we spend more than 70-80% of our waking hours conveying our messages to each other, but the question is how effectively are we doing it? While we are very much aware of the significance of interpersonal communication in the workplace, it’s way harder to know the correct ways of acquiring those skills. When it comes to gaining comprehensive knowledge on a complex skill like programming, or technical coding, we can take classes for it. But what about soft skills? These are much difficult to understand, and come with experience and great practice.

Key Interpersonal Skills

However, with the help of some Strategies on How to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills, our online assignment help experts will assist you in enhancing your soft skills. In this blog, we will give you some of the tried and tested tips that have helped us to boost our interpersonal skills.

How To Develop Your Interpersonal Skills?

In Australia, listening skills are as important as speaking skills for students. This is the reason why students need to clear IELTS before flocking off to Australia. In this examination, there are four modules (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Our online assignment help experts, thus, consider listening equivalent to speaking when it comes to enhancing interpersonal skills.

So, these are some of the Strategies on How to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills.

1. Learn To Listen, And Listen Properly

“More than you talk, learn to listen more”.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘communication’? Just like any other student, even your answer would be ‘speech’. Having said that, we can not even deny the importance of listening for effective communication.

A general rule that our assignment help experts emphasise is to “listen twice as much as you speak” when you are in your workplace. Rather than thinking about what you will speak after one finishes talking, think about what the other person is speaking to understand it better. This way, you will automatically enhance your interpersonal communication.

2. Have You Thought Of Listening To What They Have Not Even Said?

In many of the cases, there are so many underlying messages that are not even conveyed to us. This is when we need to be even more vigilant and get to the heart of the speaker. Only then, we can call ourselves good listeners. For this, our assignment help online experts advise students to ask some of the below questions:

  1. What reasons make you think that?
  2. How do you feel?
  3. Reasons why you feel this way?
  4. What are the reasons due to which this happened?

3. Focus More On Non-Verbal Communication

There was a great psychologist named Albert Mehrabian, according to whom, 55% of the total communication that takes place in our life is based on our body language. The rest of the 38% is based on the tone, and the last 7% is based on style.

Type of Non Verbal Communication

It will greatly intrigue you to know that there are so many different methods of non-verbal communication other than body language. Some of these include tone, pitch, facial expressions, body language, and more. 

Learn to control these non-verbal cues as much as possible to enhance your interpersonal skills.

4. Record And Practice

As we’ve mentioned previously, the best way to improve your soft skills is by practising. You can record yourself while speaking and hear it repeatedly to know where you get stuck and why. Also, you will come to know the tone that you have been using, as well as the non-verbal cues used so that you can easily refine them.

By this, our online assignment help experts do not mean to script your conversation; you obviously would want it to flow naturally, don’t you? So, you can keep in mind some bullet points and then elaborate upon them with ease.

These are some of the Strategies on How to Develop Your Interpersonal Skills. Other than these, you can always come up with your own ways depending upon the situation, or place where you need to speak your heart out! If you feel you need a serious course on how to develop your interpersonal skills, then you can always choose from a wide range of diploma and full-time courses that are offered by a wide range of reputed Australian universities all over the world.

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