Ace Your Auditing Assignments with These Expert’s Tips

December 13, 2021
Author : Celina

Auditing can be difficult, especially if you're utilising audit tools created by others. You can lose sight of the broader picture if you get too caught up in ticking all the boxes and filling in all the blanks.

It will never be simple to complete an auditing assignment. You will always have something to learn in this academic area, no matter how hard you try. Auditing tasks are always a good method to get ready for the real world. It keeps you informed of current events and how you should respond in such instances. However, some tactics may necessitate mentors for finishing up auditing assignments. 

Well, you are not alone in preparing for your upcoming audit assignments. The end of the semester fills many of us with dread. We've curated some of our finest tips to write audit assignments as smoothly as possible.

7 principles of auditing

Tips to Write Auditing Assignments

1. Keeping it short

If you delve into practicality and take a glance at the Justice Department inspector general's (IG) study on how federal authorities managed the interrogation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server while secretary of state, you'll notice it's not your typical internal audit report. It's about a quarter-million words long, and the suggestions don't begin until around page 500.

Internal audit assignments are most compelling when they are customised to the demands of our stakeholders, and (2) the assignments will have less impact if you overwhelm your readers with too much information. Consider removing any words, ideas, or sentences that do not directly contribute to the point.

2. Make it simple

In the greatest internal audit reports, huge concepts are expressed in little words, but small ideas are never expressed in big words. When you utilise simple, direct, and familiar language in your writing, it is most persuasive. This does not imply “dumbing down” your assignments; rather, clear and effective communication — the polar opposite of legalese — is required. If it sounds impressive, you probably need to modify it.

Many internal auditors utilise tools like the Flesch Reading Ease or the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level exams to verify whether their reports are readable. These exams are free to use online, and if you use Microsoft Word to write your audit assignments, you can select to display information about reading level once you’ve checked the spelling and grammar. 

Plain language sells ideas better, which is why you rarely encounter bureaucracy or legalese in marketing materials. Even if all of your professors can read and comprehend a PhD dissertation, it is unlikely that they will choose to do so. It'll be more persuasive if your writing isn’t arrogant, overly complicated, or filled with technical jargon. 

3. Ideas should stand out.

It must be simple for busy professors to read every audit assignment carefully, comprehend, and act on the work's outcomes. While keeping things brief and simple will assist, you must also organise your assignments such that the most significant ideas are highlighted. 

Headings, subheadings, and call-out boxes in the style of a message help draw attention to the most significant material in your report. To clarify and emphasise crucial ideas, don't be afraid to utilise examples, tables, colour, charts, or illustrations. To make it easier for the reader to find material in your report, provide an executive summary, table of contents, and/or index. An executive summary is required for longer reports.

The takeaway for you is that different professors have varied demands, so you need to make it easier for individual readers to find the information they require. If vital statements are lost in the minutiae, tour writing will not be persuasive.

4. Don’t compromise with the basics.

Have you ever received a CV or business proposal that was riddled with grammatical or spelling errors? You probably gave it a second thought before evaluating the person or corporation who sent it. Your audit assignments are in the same boat. Readers may receive the sense that you are not detail-oriented or, worse, attentive about your ideas if it includes misspellings, poor language, or punctuation. Even a single blunder can jeopardise your credibility. It may not be fair, but your well-reasoned arguments may fall flat if your assignment contains errors (careless or otherwise).

Pay close attention to the small things. It's difficult to persuade if you lose your credibility since you didn't pay attention to the fundamentals.

5. Take implications into consideration.

We all attempt to be objective, yet occasionally the connotation of your statements escapes. Even while delivering a bad message, your tone must remain neutral if you want people to believe in your ideas.

You almost never persuade anyone by making them feel aggressive or defensive. The reader is likely to tune you out if your report appears to be prejudiced or unjust.

3 types of audits

6. Recall the five C’s

Five crucial components of observations and recommendations described are:

  • Criteria (what should be).
  • Cause (the reason for the difference).
  • Corrective action plans/recommendations.
  • Condition (the current state).
  • Consequence (effect).

Your report may not be persuasive even if you employ the five C's. However, without the five C's, your chances of success will be slim.

Here Are Some Great Audit Assignment Topics

Listed below are example topics for your next auditing assignment compiled by our assignment help experts in Australia:

  • An investigation into the discrepancy between audit assurance and financial statements.
  • Research how internal audits aid in the management of compliance risk in the United Kingdom.
  • Private audit consulting firms offer audit services.
  • An investigation into the audits conducted by offshore supply chain management firms.
  • A critical examination of public limited company audits
  • A comparison of for-profit and non-profit organisations in terms of internal auditing enjoyment
  • Internal auditing's impact on financial reporting! This is a review.
  • How firmly has the audit firm rotation been influenced by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002?
  • Write systematic research of the hiring of audit firms for long periods of time, as this has an impact on their capabilities.
  • A critical examination of China's auditing system
  • According to the auditing system, there is a difference between the public and private sectors in Australia.
  • Define the terms "accounting scandals" and "global accounting scandals."
  • What is the definition of professional scepticism? A critical assessment.
  • What impact does auditor behaviour have on the legal environment around the world?
  • What are the dangers of Auditor Assessment?
  • How do Auditing Accounting Estimates and Fair Value Measurements relate to each other? a critique.
  • What are the most cutting-edge technologies used in auditing?

The Wrap

These are the most recent auditing assignments topics for you to write about. If you want to write about something different, feel free to do that. These topics and writing tips can help you differentiate your assignment from others and leave a lasting impact on your professor.

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