Business case studies are quite common if you are pursuing courses related to Management or Business Studies. Such case study assignments encourage you to explore the fundamental concepts and theories within an organisation putting forward to ethical business activities. Even though such case studies develop a critical mindset and decision making abilities, but such assessment tasks are tough to even handle. In that case, My Assignment Services certainly proves to be a charm.

Our Business Ethics assignment help experts have prepared hundreds of such case study assessments in which students have come across all types of problems. Here’s a BSB111 Business Law Ethics case study sample which our experts have solved. Let us show you some of the approaches on how we did it and provided the student with the quality answer.

BSB111 Business Law Ethics Case Study Assignment Sample

So, our experts were assigned with a case study of 1500 words in which we have to identify and describe an ethical dilemma. Also, how such dilemmas will depict in a business context and these can influence the perspectives of decision-makers as well as ethical choices. You will have to analyse the dilemma using three frameworks - Utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, and Aristotle’s virtue ethics. Under such BSB111 Business Law Ethics Case Study, you have to propose a recommended action that addresses such dilemmas.

Out of the four dilemmas given, you have to select one of them and analyse it critically.

The first dillema was about two data analysts and the relevant assignment related to BSB111 Business Law Ethics Case Study asked the question of ethical choice related to the violation of regulations.

The second dilemma is about a bank teller who took some money from a dormant account for a particular operation and decides to pay back all the money. The following BSB111 Business Law Ethics Law case study questions an ethical perspective where the reader must provide a suggestion for Jasmin.

The third dilemma is about a public servant who is overcoming drug addiction. She has to lead a marketing campaign related to cannabis. You need to advise her boss regarding ethical perspectives.

The last dilemma is about a supermarket manager whether he should sign up for the store campaign.

Approaches Followed By Our Business Ethics Assignment Experts

We have chosen the first dilemma of the Analyst case study where Blair encountered some specific situations which led him to an ethical dilemma. Blair was missing some information that he had sent to his colleague and friend Seb. To recover the data, he noted his password and decided to sign into his laptop and forward the information. Blair further found out an accessible message about Seb's betting activity. As per the norms of the organisation, the staff was prohibited from engaging in such operations in order to prevent any indication of conflict of interest. As a responsible employee, it was his duty to report this incident, but then he would have to admit about violating the IT regulations of the organization also being a friend he wanted to warn Seb about his gambling activities but then he would have to disclose the basis of the information. The corresponding BSB111 Business Law Ethics case study asks to choose an ethical choice.

In the current case scenario, our experts convey the information related to the act of logging in someone else's computer is violating the norms of the organization is ethically wrong. In the organizational structure, there are some parameters to be followed and one of them is not to access the data or digital devices of a co-worker. It is an infringement of privacy. Our Business Law Ethics case study experts have further described such theories:

Utilitarianism Theory

As per the utilitarian theory, Blair should tell the owners and authorities regarding the unauthorized activity that is being performed. The following theory adheres to the approach of a related theory which applies to contentment, gratification, companionship, expertise, the strength of character.

Kantian Ethics

The current dilemma in BSB111 Business Law Ethics case study discusses the Kantian theory which incorporates the need and requirement of strictly following the guidelines within an organization.

  • Seb is indulged in the betting activities which are expressly forbidden by the casino which cannot be informed to Seb as the source of information is unethical.
  • Blair received the data while wrongly accessing Seb's computer system violating information technology norms of the organization.

The following dilemma under BSB111 case study is the conflict between the decision of violation of organisation guidelines is much higher and the further decision is needed to be made. He must inform the official though he might be liable for violating the norms of the company. Also, his decision cannot be determined based on his friendship with Seb. The theory practices that the allegiance is not useful when one is faithful to the malicious individual.

Aristotle’s View

Aristotle’s view talks about the importance of teaching. As the success of the company really matters in efficient working of its employees. One such theory of ‘Reliance on a person or thing’ is there to tell Seb is unethically practicing bidding activities. Another theory of ‘Confident expectation’ which discusses Blair, who misplaced the data for which he had accessed Seb's computer violating the Information technology norms of the company.

Our experts have also phrased out a recommended action based on the dilemma to effectively conclude the following BSB111 Business Law Ethics case study assignment. However, we would also want to give out solutions to the other three dilemmas but unfortunately, the page limit is too less. But don’t worry, you can reach out to us and we will give the best assessment answer to you.

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