The Amazon rainforest covers a major region of northwestern Brazil and even extends to the various South American countries of Columbia, Peru, and many more. These forests have been famous for their tropical biodiversity but now it seems they no longer possess this property as there has been consistent fire around the region. With a top range of our researchers working at our Computer Science assignment help services got down and tried to extract the information related to it. Along with many researchers, they found that people have blamed drought and the rise in global temperatures as the reason for fires in the Amazon forests. But experts at My Services Services do not seem to agree.

Linking the Reasons Together Possibly

Underlining the fact of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro and his anti-environment populist has encouraged various settlements within the whole of the Amazon region by sacking the head of the government party that performs the role of monitoring deforestation from space. The media, an acting agent was enough to blame the NGO, which according to them, has set fires to raise questions on the president of Brazil.

Is This True or Technological Advances Are to Blame?

However, when NASA satellite images were closely looked, these fires are the resultant effort of Bolsonaro’s push to develop the entire region of Amazon. And, consequently, such technological and development activities may have led to such fires. There have been many changes done which can be evidently depicted.

  • Since the election, Jair Bolsonaro has been involved with many protected indigenous areas as well as natural parks to be developed.
  • There has been much news that the president of Brazil was responsible for weakening the environmental enforcement agencies who are performing the role of protecting such rainforests from clear-cutting and illegal logging.

However, such fires seem controllable for now and safe for humans but is acting as a vast propagating factor of a tremendous emission of carbon dioxide to the surrounding. These rainforests were the rain showers and its soils helped to keep the carbon dioxide locked but now possibly is not the case. We should understand the damage that rapidly burning Amazon can cause by kicking the global thermostat upwards. People have been already witnessing the big fires in the case of Canada, Siberia, and Alaska.

The deforestation and burning in Brazil are happening at the same time as big fires in Siberia, Alaska, and Canada. A possible data from National Institute for Space Research in Brazil shows that amazon fires have increased 83% more than last year and many scientists have argued that such developmental activities should be stopped with the protected regions.

Educational Background

The following scenario has been quite critical and there are many case studies related to such fires every year to be understood by the students of IT and Consequences, Business, Environmental Studies, and Management so that they can learn its importance. Our researchers at IT assignment help experts have explored what levels of technological development can give such scenarios. The universities are also taking a good step in teaching them about how to use IT and development applications in a way that does not cause any damage to the surroundings. If you are a student and want to understand the implications as well as concepts, you can get in touch with our assignment help experts.

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