You certainly have heard about algorithms and programming structures from your textbooks, friends or even strangers. But what if I tell you that there are more than 50% of IT programmers who fear the term Dynamic Programming and Algorithm analysis? As fearful the term may sound to you, it is as significant in the areas of programming as well as the real world. Before we go out bragging about Dynamic Programming, let us first consider what it is all about.

What is Dynamic Programming?

The term Dynamic programming corresponds to the sequential break down of a specific problem into smaller sets of simple sub-problems where the solution of each sub-problem is stored and optimised individually.

Let us talk about how our programming assignment help experts solve a problem. Let us suppose if you have a term and you have to analyse whether the term fits into the guidelines of being a palindrome or not. Our experts will span out the problems in three parts:

  • Firstly we allot different variables to hold such a term.
  • Reverse the term by using an algorithm.
  • Then, finally checking the term using the if-else statement and displaying the desired answer.

That was simple, right?

Significance of Dynamic Programming

Let us understand the significance of dynamic programming and algorithm design analysis.

Runtime Analysis

An important aspect of an algorithm determines how fast it works. The consideration point often paves the way for solving a problem but if the algorithm gets too slow, then you certainly have to go through a problem. Since the concept of exact speed boils down to the platform of where the algorithm currently runs as well as its implementation limit. This is where IT experts talk about the running time of the algorithm related to the size of the input. There are many effective resources available online as well as IT assignment help experts that can help you possibly in estimating such kind of values.

Sort Your Way Out

A frequent use for such dynamic program analysis comes down to the techniques of sorting. A much simpler method to sort a group of items is to start through the removal of the smallest item and start putting on the top and go on further. But, as it is said in programming, the simplest method can always put you in danger and this method typically results in taking a lot of time. There are certainly a lot of ways in which you can solve such problems where some algorithms can solve it in the complexity runtime of O(N * log(N)).

I hope you’d agree with me!

Choose the Shortest Path

There have been algorithms developed for finding the shortest path and are immensely popular. This is how Google Maps works. It works by keeping things simple for you by finding the shortest path from point A to point B. However, if you take a technical look at such problems, you will get to know there are many ways such tasks can be solved with all the benefits and drawbacks.


Do you know how much online data and picture compressions work? They work on an algorithm that specifically does not work on an expected output because it tries to optimise your data or pictures considering the other criteria. In data compression analysis, the algorithm makes use of fewest bytes to decompress its original form provided that the output seems like a really good one. While JPG and MP3 format compress the information in lower quality than the original one. But every single bit of such compression works with the same method.

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