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July 24, 2020
Author : Alex

Even though COVID-19 was traumatic to people in many ways, it’s great to witness the strength of students across the world. Education is our only survivor in times like these and so many students will be starting their college life amidst the Pandemic. The Pandemic is harsh enough on them and hence, college life doesn’t have to be. The number of people going through mental health issues has terrifyingly increased. 

The fear of starting something new along with the global pandemic at our heads can be truly overwhelming. Having high levels of stress can affect the students mentally as well as physically because a sound mind does live in a sound body. Taking care of your health is the only way for you to stay productive. If you do not feel healthy within any amount of studying in college will go straight to drain. So, here are our top tips that will help you de-stress while you can enjoy the college experience.

Physical Activity

Students spend most of their time either studying or on Netflix and do not engage in much of any physical activity. Why burn your feelings when you can burn calories? Work that stress out and you will be thankful for both your peace of mind as well as the healthy body. You don’t have to just visit the gym, you can do any physical activity you like, dance, boxing or just jumping in your room.  

Physical Activity

Hang out with friends 

College is all about making great friends that will lead to becoming your network in the future. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the most important experiences while stressing about things that are probably not even going to matter after a couple of years. Further, if you are an introvert and probably are not very good at hanging out with your friends. You can just find the one person you connect the most with and that shall work too.  

Hang out with friends

Get back to your hobbies

Remember you had tonnes of things that you enjoyed doing while you were in school. Whenever you are stressed, it’s time to bring those back. Those are the things your brain associated with joy and relaxation even today. So dig out the old paintbrushes or take out the bike you loved riding.  

Go for a walk

Going for a walk in fresh air is so underrated and shall be given more credit to. Stress can make you gasp for air and nothing will help you more than just simply going for a walk. So whenever in doubt don't think twice, just put on your favorite shoes and hit the road. As you walk your stress out you will realize you shouldn't have been stressing in the first place. Whether you're walking in a park or a busy road, look around yourself. You will notice that you are such a small part of the world and this shall pass too

Listed to your Favorite Album

Music has been healing souls for centuries. Research has found that music helps in relieving stress. Nothing will lift you up better than your favorite music. Have a playlist that can instantly make you feel better. Add all the songs that you've enjoyed and you know will help you feel much happier. You can even make a playlist of the song that you enjoyed once upon a time but don't listen to them anymore. Going back to the old song that you once loved, will definitely take you down the memory lane that you loved walking.

Night stay with friends

There is nothing that a night out with your friends cannot solve. We have all had friends who give lame suggestions to the most serious problems. However, those are the suggestions that make us laugh. Spend a night with the friends you cherish, obviously do not forget to inform your parents. You will never know what a good night with friends can do to your stress levels.

Organizing your thoughts

One of the major reasons for stress is that there are hundreds of thoughts going around you are mine. Make sure that you sit down with a piece of paper and organize your thoughts. You can even do that in the Notepad app on your phone. Having a lot of thought about multiple things can be overwhelming. Just putting them down will help you feel much more organized and at peace with yourself.

Have your comfort food

Do you remember the food that you used to have when you felt sick as a kid? We all have that one comfort food that made us feel better when we were feeling down. Try to figure out what your comfort food is. Cook it yourself or ask someone to cook it for you and you will realize that a full stomach can help in ways unmatched. 


Getaway! Having a change of place can change your mindset instantly. You can go out on a solo trip or with friends you love. It will not just help you de-stress yourself but it will also build for you some lifetime memories. Mother nature is called the biggest healer for a reason. 


Be open to help

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Experts and researchers at My Assignment Services understand how difficult it is for the batch of 2020 and the coming batches. Hence, we are there for you with our assignment help which is just a click away. De-stressing is not just restricted to college times, but it will help you throughout life. So, bookmark this article and make sure that you are your first priority. Feel free to contact us anytime of the day or in the middle of the night if you are having a breakdown. Remember, college life is meant to be enjoyed and to learn things you would use forever and not for stress.

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