Essay Writing Tips for College Application
July 24, 2020
Author : Kristy

College Application Essay Writing is all about penning down a logical set of notions and concepts into an argument. The reason behind the same is because essays are one-dimensional and provide only one idea at a time. Structuring an essay for a college application could possibly become a little tricky but if you are aware of the nuances and how to tackle them, you can easily sail through it. So here, we bring out 6 useful tips to help you with writing your College Application Essay. Scroll a bit further and check out how you can impress the admission officers. 

TIP #1: Highlight Yourself in the Topic You Choose

The first and foremost tip is that you must highlight yourself in the topic that you choose. By this, we mean to say that you talk about your personal thoughts and/or story. All you have to do is take a creative approach and make your thoughts the highpoint of your essay, the ones that have not been covered till date. The essay can be written on any topic or on your experience on a person or a book that has impacted your life in one way or the other. 

TIP #2: Recounting Is Nothing, Reflecting Is Everything

Whenever you write an essay, don’t only recount the situations or what happened. For instance, if you decide to write about your summer vacay in Rome, don’t only tell the events that happened there. You have to go the extra mile and give more than the play-by-play or itinerary. It would be something like telling what experience during the holiday changed you. What did you learn from the same? And so on and so forth. 

TIP #3: Trying To Be Funny? Give It a Second Thought

Well, well, well! Now if you are thinking about being funny in your essay, then you must take a break and give it a second thought. There is no denying the fact that a student who makes the examiner laugh is never ever going to get lost in the shuffle. But what you need to be cautious about is the fact that what you find funny may be taken in a totally different way by an examiner. So, it’s better to stay away from limericks, one-liners, or anything that’s off-colour. 

TIP #4: It’s YOUR Essay, So Use You Own Opinion

It is your essay and you have to take that ownership by depicting your own voice in it. Try not to use the phrases or notions that have already been used prior. It’s better not to use a very formal or business-like tone in your essay along with dismissing the unnecessary words. Rather you can go about writing a real experience of your own, what action you took, and what made you do so.

TIP #5: Never Ever Contradict Your Own Statements

Now this one you have to keep in mind like literally!!! The statements you write in your essay never ever contradict any other statement that your essay boasts of. In addition to this, your statements shouldn’t be repetitive as well. 

TIP #6: Proofread at Least Twice

Your essay has to be error-free and it must not contain any grammatical or typo errors. This is not professional at all. Keep in hand a few days after you have written your essay and read it again and again and again. Imagine yourself to be the examiner? Now, how would you like to assess an essay? Probably, by asking yourself questions like is the essay interesting? Are the ideas in a smooth flow? Are the ideas logical enough? Proofread by yourself and then onboard your teacher or counsellor too after getting through ample of times yourself. 

Here’s a College Application Essay Sample that We Wrote for a Student Recently

College Application Essay Sample College Application Essay Sample 2 College Application Essay Sample 3 College Application Essay Sample 4

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