6 Emerging E-Commerce Trends In 2020 You Should Know
December 23, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

I am awestruck knowing that it is expected that this overall cost would shoot up to $3.4 trillion! Massive, isn’t it? For you, it is important to note that ‘relevancy’ has to be on the top in your priority list if you wish to supersede or at least pace ahead with this trend. Owing to the importance of online retail in the world today, My Assignment Services is here with a list of 6 emerging E-commerce trends that you will witness in 2020. The online retail assignment help experts suggest that you note them down and be prepared to speed up with these E-commerce trends. And if you are planning to be an online entrepreneur, then this blog is perfect for you to know about what might happen in E-commerce in 2020.


1. Google: The Perfect Online Marketplace

Only if you have a brand that is well-established, your customers can find you easily. But if you do not have one, then it is likely that a majority of them would land on your website via paid searches. Therefore, the need for the hour for you is to extend your reach to a wider audience. For this, you need to get started with optimising for Google shopping. Gone are the days, when word of mouth created wonders for entrepreneurs. Though it still does, but not to that extent. So, why not make use of this powerful sales channel to spread your brand to a wider audience?

When you integrate your platform with Google shopping, you will automatically get your PLA (product listing ad) designed. Naturally, it will appear on top of the SERPs when a customer searches for a product that resembles your product. As per our online retail assignment help experts, this is the most lucrative E-commerce trend that would definitely leave an everlasting impact on online retail and sales for both customers and entrepreneurs.

2. The Transformation Of Social Media Into Mini Search Engines

With 2019 ending, social media has become a lot more than just a few uploads of pictures, getting likes and shares on them. These sites have themselves transformed into mini search engines! Nowadays, you can see a variety of products being sold on these platforms directly.

with the joint venture of online E-commerce stores and these social networking sites, the world has become no less than an online shopping market for customers.

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In the year 2019, the biggest challenge that the online stores have come to terms with is customers do not get access to see the product before purchasing it. Naturally, the sale of clothes, furniture, etc, has not made an impact, considering the fact that every customer wants to preview the product before buying it. In this situation, AR and VR have come to their rescue. People have been able to try the products virtually, without even touching them. For example, lens-kart offers a facility wherein, people can try and see which frame suits their face and then purchase it. As per our online retail assignment help experts, nowadays, a lot of emphases are being given to digital systems to enhance the customer experience.

4. Customised Products Are In the Bag

2019 has been a hit year for those companies that have focused on providing customised services to their clients. This is because ‘personalisation’ has attracted the attention of a majority of people today. People have preferred products that have been designed as per their own wishes and choices.

This is what many online E-commerce retail stores have taken advantage of. With the help of customer feedback form and survey portals, brands have created exclusive and customised products to gain more attention from a wider crowd!

5. Flexible payment options, check!

In the present scenario where everyone is going cashless and using digital payment methods, sticking to just one mode of payment is something that the online retails stores surely are not in favour of. On the contrary, several companies that provide flexible payment modes to the customers have expanded immensely in the year 2019.

6. Companies and Customers are Adapting an Environmental Friendly Mindset

Only the tree huggers or the Millenials are not just the people who care for the earth now. In 2019, the majority of the consumers, as well as the manufacturers, have turned to an environmental-friendly approach. Naturally, those online retail stores that are making a dedicated effort to mitigate the carbon footprints will surely be one of the topmost picks in the year 2020.

These 6 trends have begun in the present year, however, their effect will definitely be seen in the future as well. Therefore, it is expected that all the brands and companies which shift their focus to these emerging E-commerce trends in 2020 are sure to hit bull’s eye!

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