For any immigration procedure to progress, the most vital element needed is a solid visa. A large number of Indian students who aspire to study in Australia get rejected mainly due to inappropriate visa. An SOP for a visa is just like trees to earth. So, do you realise how important are these?

This is because most of the universities demand a statement of purpose (SOP) to have a deeper insight into the candidate. And when they are not able to produce an authentic SOP, their visa gets rejected. Do you find yourselves in the same shoe? Don’t worry, our experts who provide SOP writing services won’t let this happen with you. My Assignment Services has assisted several students by providing robust SOP that has made immigration for them a lot easier. In this blog, we will try and find the answers to 4 questions related to migration to get the answer to the main question that looms large, which is “what is the impact of migration on Australia?”

Now that we know how important are Indian students for Australia, we also need to find out what will happen if these Indian immigrants back off from Australia? To find out the answer to this question, our SOP writers have clubbed up 4 questions that will help you to reach what you are looking for in this blog.

So, let us get straight to those questions and slowly progress ahead.

1. Reasons why Indian students choose to migrate to Australia?

Australia has always been one of the topmost spots for migrating. Not only because it is a developed country, but also because of the amiable atmosphere it provides students with, it is bestowed with a strong economy, it provides a plethora of well-paid jobs to students and attracts them with a high living standard.

Thus, it is one of the most favourite spots of Indian students for gaining a better educational prospect.

As per the data of DET and Deloitte access economics,

Contribution of Indian Immigrants to Employment

It is clearly evident how actively Indian immigrants get themselves enrolled in different courses at different universities in Australia.

2. What Are The Employment Opportunities In Australia?

A lot of Indian students arrive in Australia on skilled visas. This shows their keenness when it comes to choosing the employment opportunities offered here. Mostly, the people who come here are professionals possessing knowledge in the IT sector, accounting, engineering, and medical fields. Naturally, they prove to be great assets for Australia.

Therefore, there is a balance between the employment needs of Indians and the need for skilled workers in Australia. As Indians are perceived as hard-workers, this country has a lot in store for them.

3. What are the Visa arrangements to come to Australia?

Be it a student visa or a skilled visa, the main ingredient to get your visas accepted is to back it up with an SOP that portrays your real self in front of the dean or the recruiters. A lot of students fail to draft a proper SOP which is the main reason why most of the students are not able to pass the immigration procedure. This is why they seek the guidance of our SOP writing help experts.

4. What challenges do immigrants face in Australia?

With magnificent opportunities come a number of challenges as well that the immigrants face in Australia. These include comprehending the accent and lingo of Australia, getting adapted to the culture and lifestyle of Australia, selecting an appropriate accommodation, getting a job, establishing a relationship with peers, problems in transportation and prejudice.

With these four questions, it is clear that just like the Indian immigrants aspire to migrate to Australia, there are several reasons why they back off Australia as well.

Coming to the next section of the blog, we now proceed to find the answers to the question: “if Indians immigrants back off Australia, how will it impact Australia”?

How Does Migration Affects Australia?

As per the Australian financial review, there has been a 17% increase in the Indian student’s enrolment in Australia this year as compared to the previous year.

The table below clearly depicts the percentage that Indian immigrants contribute to the employment sector in different parts of Australia.

Contribution of Indian Immigrants to Employment


This number has been increasing day by day. As per the latest statistics of the Australian Department of Home Affairs, nearly about 1.27 lakh people migrated to Australia, among which 22.3% or 28,470 were Indians.

In addition to this, approximately three lakh Indians migrated to Australia on skilled visas. This is a clear indication of the fact that India has been the topmost country, in terms of the contribution of a maximum number of employees for Australia.

Both in academics and employment, Australia has witnessed an enormous amount of Indian immigrants throughout the last few decades. As per the latest figures of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), India has shown exponential growth in the number of immigrants in Australia in the last two years. The preliminary estimates of ABS depict a 30% increase in the stats. Initially, there were 455,389 Indian immigrants in Australia, and presently it has raised to 592,000.

From the data given above, isn’t it clear enough how the immigrants of India affect the economy of Australia? Naturally, if the Indian immigrants back off from Australia, it will adversely affect the country, isn’t it?

Immigration: The Fulcrum Between Australian And Indian Economy!

In this blog, it is clear that both the countries-India and Australia are interdependent on each other for several reasons. Thus, immigration acts as a fulcrum that is responsible for maintaining the harmony between these countries. So, if the immigrant back off, the whole economic system would collapse.

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