5 Places For a Budget Trip With Your Friends You Must Tick-Off Your Bucket List!

March 30, 2019
Author : Bill

“The land of plenty”, also known to be the kangaroo nation is one of the most favourite tourist destination for travellers around the globe. Especially if you are a student just like me and wandering in search of 5 places for a budget trip in Australia, then this blog is surely for you! Now, Let us begin. Australia has a plenty to offer to the tourists. Starting from dreamtime walks and covering a number of heavenly apostles, this continent enjoys nature in all its fervour. So, if you are travelling Australia on a budget, then make sure you tick-off these places right now for these places are a must try!

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Being one of the seven wonders of the natural world, The Great Barrier Reef stretches approximately 3000 kilometres around the vast coast of Queensland. Are you a diver? Then this is already a dream destination for you! Doesn’t matter whether you are an avid diver or normal snorkeller or even an amateur underwater newbie, this is one of the most favourite tourist spots for travellers across the globe. Great Barrier Reef This place has also remained in most of the Australia travel blog 2018 because of the plethora of budget-friendly options including a ‘liveaboard’ dive, diving with helmet under water and more.

2. Daintree Rainforest

If you are a student who has been frustrated with the back-breaking assignments and is looking for a peaceful getaway after the submission of assignments, then Daintree Rainforest is the perfect destination for you! Located in Queensland, it stretches around 1200 square kilometres and can make your friends group feel heavenly and tranquil. Daintree Rainforest How? Well, your group doesn’t needs to consult any Australia travel packages for this. Just reach this place with your gang and take a dreamtime walk. Wondering what if you get lost? Don’t worry, as an Indigenous guide would be there to assist you. Make yourselves feel relaxed staying in a tree-house, listening to the chirping of birds and relishing the sounds of the cool wind brushing past your ear! Or, you can also do the paddle boarding over the large Mossam river. Wouldn’t it be just a perfect getaway for you?

3. Fraser Islands

Just like me, if you have a group of friends who are die hard fans of beaches, then Fraser Island is something which you cannot afford to miss! This is because this is probably one of the most happening, yet budget-friendly places in Australia. A mixture of a number of sand dunes, a variety of tidal pools, shipwrecks and multiple number of Dingos, this island is one of the longest across the globe. Fraser Islands You can have a gala time with your friends here if you go for a four-wheel drive truck in the heart of Noosa, a town in this island. Trust me, you would experience one of the most wildest drives in your entire life that would be worth remembering!

4. Barossa Valley

A residence to the most famous vineyards in Australia, Barossa Valley is one of the most inexpensive, yet the most favourite weekend destinations for students. This is because this an isolated place in the outskirts of Adelaide, that takes only an hour to reach. Barossa Valley So, even if you have a pending assignment to submit on Monday, you can just set out on a drive with your friends to Wolf Blass, Penfold or any of the other wineries in Barossa Valley and come back with a fresh mind after enjoying the beautiful countryside in Australia. Then, you would definitely be rejuvenated and ready to write a flawless assignment with more concentration!

5. Lake Gairdner

Are you a selfie freak like me? If you have got a cool gang who is also interested in uploading pictures every now and then on social media, then Lake Gairdner would be your favourite spot when you visit it. Lake Gairdner It is a salt lake located in South Australia. When you visit this lake, you would literally feel as if you have stepped on some another planet! This is because this lake is an interesting white landscape that is embraced by the red hills of the Gawler ranges. Imagine the picturesque scenario which you would get to experience here!

Gear Up And Plan Your Next Trip!

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