You must have often heard from your professors that information management is the key to effective project delivery. But you can not actually understand that unless you have an assignment to write related to it. That is why My Assignment Services is going to guide you on what is information management and why it is important for organisation projects.

Let us begin this joyride and explore the world of information management.

What actually is information management?

Who is going to me tell the answer? You, Josh? No? Madeline? I will tell you but you have to remember this one, okay?

Information management, as any project management assignment expertwould put it, is a series of various steps that are carried in an organisation. These processes are -

  1. Collection of information from all the sources
  2. Owning the information to analyse it

  • Distributing the information to all the concerned personnel and those who need it

  1. Disposing of the information by either archiving it or deleting it

There are a lot of information management systems in an organisation

  1. Web content management
  2. Records management
  3. Document management
  4. Learning content management system
  5. Digital asset management
  6. Learning management system
  7. Collaboration
  8. Enterprise search

There are others as well but let us not go deep in to these caves.

Since there are different types of information, there will be people who are responsible for the information and its structure.

Information management has the following components

  1. People
  2. Content
  3. Technology
  4. Process

The information management systems are not perfect. There are flaws everywhere and it is upon the shoulders of the project managers to overcome these challenges. One might even argue that the highlight of the age of digitalisation has done nothing but worsen the situations. Consequently, an organisation is faced by a number of challenges and issues which are discussed.

5 Challenges in information management

  1. There are a number of information management systems in any organisation which makes it somewhat difficult for the people responsible to keep track of them all.
  2. Most of the organisations keep the information management systems separate from each other. Its effect is that there is no coordination between the information that is being sent through various channels.

  • The technology environment of any organisation requires the people responsible to work with a specific strategy in mind.

  1. To make sure that information management is carried out in the most effective manner, we need up-to-date information. This issue is faced by a number of organisations globally who are handling a poor quality of information which is either duplicate, is out-of-date, or is inconsistent.
  2. The resources are available with the organisations to implement, manage, and upgrade the information systems are limited in number.

To overcome these challenges in an organisation and then work towards effective information management activities, you need to be aware of several principles that are lying under information management.

10 Principles of information management

  1. You should recognise the complexity and then manage them so that the solution can be found
  2. You should keep your focus on the adoption of the information management. Until and unless the staff of the organisation is using it to the fullest, it holds no particular value.
  3. The benefits of using information management in the organisation should be tangible (i.e. the benefits should be clearly visible in the operation). Working behind the scenes is just a part of the process but the outcome should be felt across the systems.
  4. You should clearly identify the needs of the business and then prioritise them. While some organisations have simple needs, other may have needs that are way too complex.
  5. Implementation of information management is a long process. Divide it into various stages of small and attainable goals. Every stage will bring you closer to the objective.
  6. For proper information management, leadership is essential. Strong leadership allows you to explain the importance to your colleagues, collect their feedback and suggest improvements in the information management.
  7. The risks and challenges should be taken care of and overcome whenever they arise.
  8. The key to information is communication. You should communicate with all the people involved in the information management effectively and as much as you can.
  9. Keep in mind that your aim is to deliver the user a seamless experience. Educate the staff about the system so that they are able to use it to the fullest.
  10. Choosing the right project is essential to ensure that information management is carried out smoothly. If you are choosing the wrong project or something that is not required, the processes are disrupted.

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