5 Places In Australia
March 30, 2019
Author : Bill

If you are a student residing in Australia, then you might have often come to terms with some places that are really underrated in Australia. Do you really think such places do not have the power to attract tourists?

Well, I believe being the citizen of Australia, it is mandatory to let you know of such 5 places in Australia that are underrated but beautiful!

So, now I am going to take you around these beautiful places and I hope you would enjoy going on a trip to these places, as soon as you get free from your assignments and examinations. Come along with me and explore the beauty of Australia!

1. Norfolk Island

In case you live in Brisbane, then you can easily reach this place via a two-hour flight. Convicts used to reign this region and now it seems like a small isolated slice of land, which you can explore in a single day.


You can enjoy lush green forests, captain cook’s memorial and get to know all the details about the original settlements on the island. You can also play a round of scenic golf as it is known to be the world’s only golf course that is situated at a world heritage site. The place is also popular for its exotic coastline that stretches over 8000 miles! The main beach, Kingston is also protected by a reef, which makes the waters perfectly clear. It’s calm and there are hardly any waves, thereby, making it ideal for swimming!

2. Ningaloo Marine Park

Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a beautiful pace to visit that is often underrated. This is because, visitors head to the Great Barrier Reef in order to know about the aquatic life of Australia, thereby ignoring this amazing place.

Ningaloo Marine Park

You can opt for snorkelling, exploring the corals, and relax in Turquoise Bay. The aquatic life comprises a diverse array of more than 482 species of fish. Other must-see profound marine encounters for diving enthusiasts include manta rays, whale sharks, and the exotic humpback whales. The helpful and knowledgeable local guides will show you how to have safe encounters with the marine creatures. To visit the dive sites, you can opt for the conventional vehicles such as a car or boat.

3. Bruny Island, Tasmania

Accessible only by a ferry, Bruny Island has numerous trails and the key attraction point is the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, which is also the continent’s second oldest lighthouse. The rugged wilderness is connected by a narrow strip popularly known as “neck”.

Bruny Island, Tasmania

A perfect island for you if you like taking beach strolls and vast untracked sand. Many people don’t realise that the island is nearly 46 miles long! So, take your time, and start from the north of Cape Bunny Lighthouse and all the way to the tip of Dennis point. If you look across the neck, you’ll be easily able to see the farmlands of north and the Southern ocean.

4. Echuca Moama

Are you waiting for the long weekend? Then you must consider visiting Echuca Moama. One of the best attractions here is the Holden Museum which represents the iconic Holden cars. Try not to miss out the historic film on these cars. There are plenty of eateries in and around this place.

Echuca moama

You can try the casual bistro meals to the tasty and trendy cafes. Echuca Moama is all about history and the Paddle Steamer Emmy Lou, a fully-restored steam engine is something you shouldn’t miss out!

5. Uluru, Northern Territory

There are a lot of things to see and do around Uluru. This is huge desert region and is blessed with the nature's wonders and abundant wildlife. Most people are unaware of the iconic landscapes and its rugged beauty that act like magnets, pulling you towards them.


The rocks here are known for changing their color throughout the day and when you visit them, you can see them becoming red at dusk and dawn!

So, these were some of the best underrated places in Australia that you should consider visiting someday. These are attractive and pocket-friendly! What’s in your mind? Did you find another exotic and less-known place? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll mention it in my next blog!

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