Students have relied long enough on experts who tell them some good comparative essay topicsto write about. Be it an argumentative essayor comparative essay, every student wants to choose the best topic that they can easily write on.

But at the same time, we do not see that every student is writing a compare and contrast essaythat is being narrated at the next Olympics or at the Royal Dinner.

But I can tell you how to choose comparative essay topicsthat will make you a star in front of the professors, have your peers fall in love with you and your crush will propose to you down on one knee.

Pro Tip #1: Your essay topic should have secondary sources

Trust me, you do not want to be stuck with any of such compare and contrast essay topicswhich do not have secondary literature available. You must be thinking what difference does it make.

Well, an essay is generally a response to a question (called essay question). When you are writing the essay, you take help of secondary sources so that your arguments get justification and weight. You do not go to war unprepared, eh? What if your English essayhas some controversial comment that does not have some backing evidence?

Every essay is written keeping in mind that there is some secondary literature available. You are no Einstein and would definitely need the support of some other author’s works to strengthen your argument. Everything that you know is because someone told you so. Or because you read and heard it.

Compare and contrastessays need a lot of support from secondary sources because you need to analyse two different parts and then arrive at a conclusion. You cannot compare two parameters without being fully aware of them. For that, you need secondary sources, literature and views.

Pro Tip #2: Focus on your area of study and subject

When you are choosing your comparative essay topics, always ensure that you do not deviate from your area of study. I know you must be thinking “Who would be that stupid?”. But this happens when the students are given the chance to select the topic of their choice. Therefore, I tell you, do not stray away from what you are studying.

Your professor should not feel like this.

The subject you are choosing for this essayis to be remembered all the time. Do not write about what you love. For example, a management student writing about “Who is better between Batman and Ironman?” will be termed as you know what. Rather, you can tune it as “Threat Assessment Ability of Batman v/s Ironman.” Isn’t it better than you write about what you like and address the subject as well?

Essay writing topicsthat hit the balance between your interest and your subject are nothing less than a miracle. Hold onto them. But also get it approved by the professor. You do not want to be in the position when the professor is assessing the essay and thinks “I do not remember asking them to be creative and stuff.”

Such expression and you are finished.

Pro Tip #3: Research and analysis are indispensable weapons

No compare and contrast topicsare created out of thin air. If you do not like conducting hours of research and studying tens of different secondary sources, you are doomed. Really doomed. Nothing but only a topic prepared by the expertswould be able to save you.

You can think of not diving into the world of Google Scholar, Researchgate, Elsevier, Wiley Online Library, etc. while writing a descriptive essay. Not while writing a comparative essay, no. “I am knowledgeable enough that I do not need secondary resources.”, is this what you are thinking? I understand.

See, unless you are typing in your topic in Google search bar, hitting the enter button, opening a link and reading it, you will not be able to write any more than 100 words. Try it if you do not believe me.

Every English essay writingis incomplete without the support of secondary resource. If you do not like to search online article, read them and then note down points from them that will be useful, you should take professional essay writing help. And if you do, start judging the article from abstract if it is useful for you or not.

Pro Tip #4: Choose a topic you can end and conclude

Essay examplesdo not tell you one thing that is your topic should always be conclude-able. The essays are always written to answer a question in a detailed way. So what is the point in writing a 1500 word long answer by reading so many secondary sources if you do not arrive at a final understanding?

Did you know that the professors judge your entire cause and effect essayby reading the 100-word long introduction and 100-word long conclusion without even glancing at the body?

I take it that you did not. The point is that you cannot impress the professor if you are not able to conclude the essay. Topics which leave the reader hanging with wonder at the end are strict no. You are not writing the script of a Game of Thrones episode.

A lot of students look for essay writing helpbecause they choose a topic which does not arrive at an end. Open-ended topics are best suitable for research, thesis and dissertation writing, not a comparative essay.

I know you want some comparative essay topics as well. Here they are-

  1. Victorian poetry v/s the 21stcentury poetry.
  2. Western way of upbringing v/s eastern way of upbringing
  3. Working in a multinational corporation v/s working in a start-up
  4. Which dictator had more influence between Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussain?
  5. Is following the trend more important than sticking to your core beliefs?
  6. Is world a better place with conservatives or with liberals?
  7. Addiction to drugs and alcoholism, which can be recovered from easily?
  8. Buying a new car is always better than an old one. Is this true?
  9. Being a boss and being a leader, which is better?
  10. Gaming experience of Sony PlayStation v/s Microsoft Xbox
  11. Using professional services and doing it yourself, which is better?
  12. Reading a hardcover book v/s reading a book on Amazon Kindle
  13. What is worse, being uneducated or being unemployed?
  14. Benefits of yoga v/s bodybuilding gym exercises
  15. Do style and fashion mean one and the same thing?
  16. Teachings in Christianity and teachings in Catholic Church, are they same?

Want more comparative essay topics

Writing essaysand drawing relevant comparisons on various topics and context of the discussion is not an easy task. Moreover, a lot of students do not know even how to write an essay.

If you also lack enough resource, time and the required concepts in this matter, then framing comparative essays can prove to be a difficult task for you. You can get free essaysas a sample which you can check and analyse to judge us.

I always say that knowing things well, gathering knowledge and seeking expert essay writing help is always better than ruining your essay with an improper addition of content and expression of ideas.

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