2019’s Most Expensive Concerts at a Glance

March 19, 2020
Author : Bill

As someone rightly said, “Music is the universal language of mankind”, which is why every student has always had concerts in their bucket list this year. Regardless of the language or culture, everyone may have a different taste of music. This magical uniting stick has the power to bind people together. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to access music from any nook and corner of the world, but there is a huge difference in downloading and listening to it and attending live concerts; maybe that’s why people pay so much for them, isn’t it? Therefore, it is the perfect time to be reminiscent of the most expensive concerts of the year 2019.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga needs no description and absolutely it is needless to say why her concerts rank on the top among this list! Dazzling the pride-week crowd at the Apollo Theater, New York, she was seen setting fire on the stage on June 24, 2019. The concert was, as usual, a big hit, consisting of more than 150,000 viewers. Surprisingly, the average purchase price for Gaga tickets reached $420, which is the most expensive in the year 2019. Lady Gaga Source: Google The first part of her show was dedicated to her Las Vegas residency show. Some of her early hits like “LoveGame”, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” Scintillated the hearts of the spectators. The show ended with the heart-rendering encore performances of “Bad romance”, Star is born” and “Born this way”.

2. Celine Dione

Celine Dione is a Canadian singer who is one her first world tour. This was officially announced on April 3, 2019. soon after this, there came a huge pre-sale demand for the concert tickets from Toronto, Miami, Boston, Montreal all in the year 2019. As per the figures reported to the Billboard Boxscore, her gross sales from the four shows at Montreal summed up to $7 million this year. Starting from September 18, 2019, and going till December 14, 2019, her concert shows have always been among the bucket-list of every music lover this year. The prices of her tickets have touched $354 on an average this year, that makes her concerts to be the second most expensive one in the list.

3. Rolling stones

Since its inception in 1962, the famous English rock band Rolling stones have maintained their record of scintillating the stage with their outstanding performances. There are six current members in the band named Mick Jagger who is the singer, Keith Richards, Brian Jones and Ron Woods who are the guitarists, Bill Wyman who is the bassist, Charlie Watts who is the drummer. [caption id="attachment_8371" align="aligncenter" width="1800"] (Exclusive Coverage) Musician ____ of The Rolling Stones performs onstage during the kick off concert of their 15-city North American stadium, ZIP CODE tour, in San Diego at Petco Park on May 24, 2015 in San Diego, California.[/caption] This band made its entry during the same time when the Beatles appeared and is considered to be really influential. The average price of their tickets is $268.

4. Paul McCartney

While the Beatles might be your favourite forever, Paul McCartney is the one who is taking the reputation of the Beatles to different places where he performs. Being an important member of the Beatles, McCartney is a name that has attracted a lot of attention from a large audience all across the world. Paul-McCartney Source: Google With an average price of $258.32 for tickets, Paul McCartney ranks on number 4th among the list of the most expensive rock concerts in 2019.

5. Andrea Bocelli

This Italian tenor is considered to possess ‘the most beautiful voice’ and is believed capable enough to even stir the souls of the most hardened people as well. Andrea Bocelli is a maestro in switching from pop, classical and English. 201802151719140 Source: Google What’s most interesting and appealing for you to know is that every song that he performs has a backdrop and projected on the huge wall behind him. This adds depth and resonance to his performance. The average price of his tickets is $232 which makes him 5th in the list.

6. Queen and Adam Lambert

This legendary rock band has become the favourite of a majority of people around the globe in the recent few years. Both Adam Lambert and Queen are terrific singers and their duo is something to die for! Their whopping number of shows in the year 2019 has surely raised the bars for every performer for the upcoming year. GettyImages Source: Google

7. The cure

Yet again, this rock band has been performing for several decades now. Not only the new generation but people from the older generations are also attracted towards this consistently performing band. Even the members of the band are well aware of why their fans are willing to pay to see them live in their concert. So, the people who have been fortunate enough to attend their concerts this year have paid an average of $196. Because of this figure, the cure is now ranking on number 7 in this list.

8. Elton John

This year, the show of Elton John at Madison Square has made everyone awestruck and full of happiness. The most striking feature of this artist is that his voice is even deeper than the classic records and interestingly he doesn’t even try to hit hose falsettos! He has always remained a classic; an astonishing pianist, the best one in the rock history. He has been seeing playing ‘equal parts little Richard’, ‘gospel’ and ‘Boogie-Woogie’. the average price of his tickets was $189. So, he is at number 8. The above list of the priciest music concerts of 2019 is compiled by our team of researchers and bloggers. Stay tuned for similar interesting blogs from My Assignment Services. Established in 2009, we have been providing assignment help services to students across Australia and the rest of the world. Over the decade thousands of leading subject experts have joined our teams. This enabled us to cover all the assignments that fall under 200+ subjects and courses taught at the universities. So, if you require an expert’s assistance for academics, then do visit our website or contact us right away!

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