Have you ever fallen into the trap of piling homework and an unorganised assignment schedule? Well, we have all been there at some point in time and trust me even the frontbenchers find it hard to keep track of their homework and deliver everything on time. But with these easy and quick tips, making assignments and submitting homework on time would be a breeze.

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Avoid Multitasking

Well, if you are not one of those people who can solve a complex integration with one hand and draw a masterpiece with another, it is best to avoid putting yourself in situations where you have to multi-task. Though it feels intuitive that multitasking would get things done faster, in reality, it just feels overwhelming and deters you away from completing anything at all. Psychologists say focusing on one task at hand reduces stress levels and anxiety along with enabling one to understand the task objectives properly. When one focuses on only one task at hand, one delivers better quality and gets things done.

Make a list

particular task on high priority

When you sit down to complete your work, it is always better to note down the tasks at hand. First, this helps you minimise the mental clutter. Secondly, it helps you analyse and prioritise according to the timeline. While you are making a list, arrange the tasks according to deadline and priority. Put a particular task on high priority if the deadline is approaching.

Adapt a Now or Never attitude

How many times have you promised yourself to not procrastinate anymore but still ended up procrastinating things the next day? It is not because you are lazy to do things, it is just that you are too overwhelmed with the task that you don’t find the motivation for doing it. Well, with each passing minute, the tasks keep piling up until it gets piled up enough to make you give up and wish if you could start again. This cycle repeats every time. It is simple to get out of this, just adapt a “now or never” attitude. Whatever you have on hand, find the time to initiate. Once the task is initiated, it becomes relatively easier to revisit it and complete it in iterations. Finding time to complete the whole task at once can be problematic for some, but make sure that you at least find time to initiate the task on time. Afterwards, just stay regular at revisiting it and before you know it, the task will be over.

Organise your Desk

I know you might be wondering how this would help in getting you to do the homework. But the psychologists say that if you keep a clean and organised desk, you will feel more motivated to sit down on it and complete your work. An unorganised desk is repelling and adds to the mental fog whereas an organised desk reduces anxiety and motivates you to complete your tasks.

Gather all your gear

Before you sit down to complete the tasks, make sure you have all the things required to complete them within your reach. For example, you’d need your laptop, charger, pencils, notebooks, and more. Getting up to gather supplies takes you off the course and distracts you from the tasks. On some occasions, it may as well deter you from doing the task.

Unplug from Social Media

Distancing yourself from social media is crucial. Social Media causes distraction every now and then. The constant beeps and notification sounds may tempt you to deter away from completing the task at hand. Keep your phone and tablet in the silent mode. It is best to leave them in another room or if you need to operate them, do that in restricted mode. The restricted mode in smartphones limits the functioning to only critical apps like calling, accessing internet browsers, and text-based messages.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself after a good day of work. After all, you desire being rewarded for all the work you put in there. Rewarding yourself can reinforce the concept of maintaining work and life balance and help you get adapted to working regularly. You might watch Netflix after completing your work or even listen to that Chill-Mix playlist and relax a little.

We can’t stress enough on the importance of regularly hydrating yourself with juices or a glass of water. Fresh juices keep you energised and deliver essential nutrients to stay focussed. In the end, I would just want to say that once you start a schedule. Keep at it. Stay regular, visit your assignment regularly and stay updated with the classroom. Staying regular would not only help you make assignments on time but would save you from stress and anxiety that pilin assignments and poor grades bring. These tips are compiled by our top researchers and experts who provide students with professional assignment help services across Australia. If you’re facing challenges while writing any assignment or homework, then do visit our website, My Assignment Services. You will certainly find a ton of useful resources for completing them. And if you would like an expert to do your assignment and homework, then just call or chat with our customer care team.

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