Are you inquisitive enough to devise out different marketing strategies every time you get an assignment on marketing strategies? If you aren’t, then this blog will help you think out-of-the-box and devise out unique and effective marketing strategies. Knowing the importance of marketing strategy for any brand, our marketing assignment help experts are here with the Zorba Delicacies case study assessment answer for your reference purpose.With this, you will understand all the basics that are involved in producing perfect solutions for marketing case studies.

What Is a Marketing Strategy?

Before proceeding with this case study, let us give you a brief overview of the marketing strategy so that you are in a position to bring out the base marketing strategies for the Zorba Delicacies case study. All the initiatives that a firm takes to spread their products or services to the target audience are known as the marketing strategies. Every marketing strategy comprises of a marketing mix. Though these strategies vary as per the requirements of different brands, the elements included in the marketing mix remain constant.

There are four groups that a marketing mix is divided into. Following are the elements that every marketing mix consists of:

  1. Product: Every company offers goods or services to its target customers and these are known as the products.
  2. Price: The customers pay a fixed amount for the services/products and this is known as the product.
  3. Place: All the activities through which the product is made available to the customers are known as the place or distribution.
  4. Promotion: Every product has some distinguishing features which make it stand apart in the crowd and these are highlighted through different mediums. These promotion channels help in persuading the customers to buy the product.

The Zorba Delicacies Case Study

Now, to begin with, the Zorba Delicacies Case Study is divided into two assessments that have to be undertaken by you. We will discuss both of them in detail now. Our marketing assignment writers have proved to be a solid resource to all those students who face challenges in completing this case study assignment and similar kind of other marketing case studies. So, let us begin with the first assignment.

Zorba Delicacies Case Study Assignment 1

Talking about the background of the firm Zorba Delicacies, it is a company that manufactures cold blend products that can be categorised into four types which are dips, houmous, soup and sandwich filters. Our marketing assignment help experts conduct thorough research on this brand first to begin writing the solution of assignment 1.

Zorba Delicacies Case Study Assignment 1

So the first assessment that falls under Zorba Delicacies case study is an individual assignment that has to be written in the essay format. This assessment must talk about all the existing activities of the firm to demonstrate the marketing strategies used by the organisation. This assessment contributes 80% of the overall grades for the assignment.

In the first task, our marketing assignment help experts present a reference report for the student, wherein we depict how we will respond to a fixed marketing strategy that a client of ZORBA has faced. For this, we first analyse the market condition prevalent in the region and based on that evaluate the marketing strategy used critically to suit the need of the customers.

Before we begin with the assignment, remember the objective of Zorba: Enhance the houmous sales in the UK and neighbouring areas without hampering the retail own-brand market.

Let us now see how our marketing assignment help experts approach this one.

Step 1: Strategic marketing for Zorba

The first step is to critically evaluate all the marketing strategies that Zorba has used for its target consumers. This includes figuring out the requirements of the customers, setting objectives and devising out the action plan for meeting the desired objectives.

Step 2: Analysing the market of the company

Next, our marketing assignment writers research and analyse the market of Zorba. Here, we include the SWOT analysis to present the data. In addition to it, we also demonstrate the customer behaviour related to the products sold by Zorba.

Step 3: Evaluate the undertaken research

With the existing marketing strategies of the brand, the next step that our marketing assignment help experts take is to evaluate them and propose a new strategy to give a boost to the sales of Zorba. For this, we segment and target new consumers using new branding positioning.

Step 4: Marketing mix

The last and the final step for this report is to propose a new marketing mix which will help us position the newly identified market for Zorba.

Zorba Delicacies Case Study Assignment 2

The second assignment which falls under Zorba Delicacies case study is a self-reflection of the assignment that has been completed previously. In 1200 words, you need to recapitulate all the main findings of the previously existing marketing strategies and highlight the new learning of the newly devised marketing strategies.

How To Write Accurate Solutions For The Zorba Delicacies Case Study?

A lot of students have contacted us to get hold of tricks and tips that can help them write perfect Zorba Delicacies Case Study solution and other similar marketing case studies.

Therefore, our marketing assignment help experts have devised out certain imperative points that you need to adhere to if you wish to come out with flying colours in these assignments.

These are:

  1. You must introduce all the elements of the marketing mix in the solution and propose new ways to better them.
  2. Before writing the solution, be sure to analyse the marketing conditions for the chosen company so that you can cater to the requirements of the target audience easily.

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