Isn’t 2 always better than 1? So why not follow the same strategy in offering you the assignment help? This is exactly why your favourite assignment help provider, My Assignment Services, has taken various other assignment help providers under its umbrella.

The assignment writing guidance is now bigger, larger and better.

Here is Why You Should be Excited

There are always benefits of expanding the family unless you are unemployed and father of 5 children with no guarantee of three square meal.

But our family is not such, is it? We are employed. We are not fathers but friends. We work to make your academic journey smoother and better. And that is why I am going to tell you exactly why you should be excited that My Assignment Services has bought other companies.

More people means more fun

If 10 workers take 10 days to build a wall, how much time will 20 workers take? No, not 0. Ha-ha-ha. Very funny. Anyway, the point was that if we had 100 assignment writers with us before, now we have 600. If our 100 assignment writing experts could assist 100 students in a day, 600 writers will be aiding 600 students daily!

The more, the merrier. And when there will be a larger team of academic experts, there will be an obvious increase in the quality of the service that we offer to you, the students.

Lesser time in writing assignments

It will be as fast as the Flash. My name is My Assignment Services and I am the fastest assignment help provider alive.

We will be honest, when there will be 5 experts working on an assignment where one is writing, one is analysing, one is checking the facts and one is searching for arguments from secondary literature, the time in writing the assignment will be less. This is because the entire process taking up to 72-80 hours by one expert is now distributed to small parts of 5 experts shortening the time of delivery to 24-36 hours.

This is especially helpful when you are sending us an assignment with a deadline of 3 or 4 hours. We can do it with confidence.

The knowledge and power gets an upgrade

When we started off a decade ago, we were only 10 people. Then it expanded to a team of 50 and now we are a strength of 1000+. This journey taught us one thing, a larger team means more knowledge. This is why when you are in a group meeting, they last. Because idea sharing by other people always create ways and opens new doors.

This is exactly why your assignment will now be much better than what it already is. We have more experts who will give their power to the existing assignment writers.

Your queries will be resolved faster

There are times when you send a query to the expert writer but you do not get a reply. It might have happened with your assignment order with us as well. It might happen with any other assignment help provider. This is quite obvious because sometimes a single expert is handling the assignment of 5 different students and might forget to reply to your query.

But no more. With a larger team of assignment writing experts, the assignments will be distributed better. Instead of one expert handling 5 clients, 5 experts will be handling one client. This will ensure that whenever you have a query, you a reply almost instantly.

Stronger forces and better strategies

What good is an army if there are only 10 soldiers fighting a war, eh? To win, you need thousands and thousands of soldiers. This is exactly the case with the assignments. A larger workforce means stronger forces. With a larger team of writing experts, we have also taken in a larger number of quality check experts.

This means that the 3-step quality check process followed with every order at My Assignment Services is now better and improved. Where 1 executive was reading the entire assignment, now several executives will be reading and checking a different parameter of the assignment.

Serving a larger base of students

It is said that sharing is caring. That is why we decided why not share the expertise of our writers and the trust of My Assignment Services with students studying not only in Australia but in other countries as well? And we thought to ourselves that what will be better, starting from scratch or joining hands with an already established brand there.

We went with the latter. Now, My Assignment Services has merged with various assignment help providers like India Assignment Help, TutorVersal, My Assignment Help OZ, Australia Assignment Help, etc. and is now serving to a combined customer base of more than 20,000 students in a single week!

Spread the News and Tell Everyone!

Your favourite assignment help destination, My Assignment Services, is now a brand that has acquired not one but 4 new organisations in a time of only 1 month.

The deals have been drafted, signed and documented. All other companies will operate with their client base as a “Unit of My Assignment Services” where they will be their own company but we will be the boss!

Bigger and better assignment help, right at your doorstep. Send your assignment order now!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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