Writing tasks are one of the most common types of assignments that the students get. In the writing folio part B assignment, you have to complete writing for sound, writing for vision and writing opinion. In this blog post, you are going to get expert literature assignment help from the professionals for writing the YouTube script for Australian Dodgeball Federation.

Oh, I completely forgot. It is always necessary to know that you and I are always on the same page. Therefore, I have attached below the question that I am talking about.

The question


If you have the exact same question, then you are going to be the happiest person alive today. And if you have something similar in store but not this, then you can use this blog as a guide on how to approach the assignment. Fair enough? Let us begin then.

Things to remember before you jump straight into the pool

I have seen that many students draw their eyes on the fact that they need only write 400 to 500 words and it is a YouTube video script. Just that and they start typing frantically. But according to assignment help experts, this approach of assignment writing is dangerous. Maybe your assignment this time was simple but you will be thrown towards complex assignments as well in the future. Such an approach will not be useful at that time.

Always read the question over and over again and extract all the useful information that you can. For example, in this question, you have to specifically pay attention to the fact that this YouTube video will not be an advertisement. You do not have to write an advertisement for Australian Dodgeball Federation.

You have to inspire the viewers to participate in the game of dodgeball through this video.

Your script must have the following:

Promoting dodgeball is not worth unless you provide the viewers with some information about the game. Thus, I would recommend that you include the following information in your script -

  1. Tell the viewers that Australia has a highly competitive advantage than others. You need to become better by practising.

  2. People are not likely to participate in a sport that is dangerous. In your script, use instances and examples that show dodgeball as a fun and safe game.

  3. Playing this game with your cousins is not going to get you anywhere. If had that been the case, children good at hide-and-seek would have been recruited by the CIA to be their top agents. Show the viewers that there are opportunities to play this game at higher competitive levels.

  4. YouTube allowed people to send private messages to the channels but the feature is now disabled. Nobody has the time to view the channel, select the ‘about tab’ and then click on the email address. Thus, give contact details right there in the video.

Explore the options of templates

The university has given you a template and an example script in the assignment question. But it is not necessary that these are the end of the world. You are free to explore other templates as well!

The assignment file, in the beginning, says that you are not bounded by a fixed structure. You can structure your YouTube script for Australian Dodgeball Federation as you like. But, it is important to note that whatever points I have highlighted in the sections above, you must remember and include them in the script, irrespective of the template or structure you are following.

And one last thing. Please do not download the example given by the professor and make changes to that. Professors hate that. It is just there to help you understand what needs to be done.

Soar high with a reference YouTube script for Australian Dodgeball Federation

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