Essays are a widespread and most prominent form of academic writing that high school to university students pursue. It is a common assignment in university regardless of the course or the concept. The various essay types fit almost all courses and subjects. Even individuals studying to achieve their postgraduate write an admission essay for admission into a doctoral program.

University-level academic writing is all about conveying your perspective and information on the theme. You just need to up your writing game to be more informative and personalised. The technical thing you might learn will be formal writing and referencing, and just make sure you can convey what's in your head.

A writer is an individual who finds writing more difficult than others. Quote by Thomas Mann

Let's learn all about a university essay; who writes it? Why do they write them? You may also refer to the university essay examples to decipher all the technical lexicons and the structuring. Read forth to know more.

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What Are the Different Types Of University Essays?

An essay comes in varying formats and lengths. It is an interactive composition piece that aims at developing the student’s reasoning and thought process. Researching and infusing the findings into your writing is the process of essay composition. The different academic stages entail various kinds of essays. The content, length and the course pursued by the student are the defining factors for the type of such a piece. A few of them are:


Such an essay is a crucial step for getting into any university. An admission essay is a great opportunity for students to showcase themselves confidently to the admissions panel. Often students fail to score more, but a well-written admission essay can be your ticket to getting in if it’s effective enough.


It is an argumentative or persuasive essay form, yet it's a challenging piece of writing. The research essay aims at a topic that students have to pursue; it can be an opinionated or socially concerning question - students have to write their ideas on the same.


This writing format aims to aid the writer in reiterating all the necessary details of their journey, a lecture, or an important project. The expression points in this essay can be positive or negative as per the reflection purpose. Students compose a self-reflective essay to reflect on their key learning.


It is the most common university essay format; students write this from high school to university and beyond. An argumentative essay is based on proving an argument by providing supportive evidence. The topics may vary as per the student’s academic qualification.


Comparison essays are written while comparing the contrasts between two things. That's it. You will point out the differences and similarities between the two, shine a light on the scopes, if any and address your ideas for the same.

Did you know that A dissertation may be written in an essay format, but it is very different from an essay? The major difference is the word count; an essay is written in 500-2500 words, whereas a dissertation is 30,000-50,000 words long.

These are the most commonly written essays that university students compose throughout their university life. The essay types mentioned here even have subdivisions. Poetry analysis university essay, for example. It is a persuasive essay that defines the meaning behind the poem and its structure.

Learn how to acknowledge any source of information using the APA 7th style.

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Essay writing can be challenging, and the technical lexicons and the structuring are difficult to grasp. You might face issues finding adequate resource material and need someone to do the final proofreading. Fill out the enrollment form to get essay writing helpfrom experienced academic writers at affordable prices.

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What Is a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

You might've come across the term 'thesis statement' while researching for your essay. A thesis statement is composed of a few lines or just a sentence that compiles the piece's central theme. Your thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction section of your essay. A thesis statement can be written in just three steps:

Step 1: Start with a question

A thesis statement may be written in the form of a posed question. Try posing your essay theme as a question; doing so will help you decipher a perspective for your essay. Based on the sample thesis statement, seek answers for the same.

Step 2: Write your initial answer

Whatever you come up with from your research, note them down. Base your thesis statement on a rhetorical or an intense question and the answer to this question. A thesis statement for your university essay can only be composed in a few sentences, so the answer should be more vague than detailed.

Step 3: Develop your answer

The sample answer you came up with is an important part of your thesis statement; you just need to develop it further. Add some facts or scope to your answer to link it to the areas you explored in your essay.

Did you know that a university student writes an average of ten to fifteen essays in their academic career?

Your thesis may seem different based on the essay theme and the course for essay writing. Yet the thesis statement should provide a clear picture of the main idea you want to pursue in your essay. Every section of the essay should connect to this idea. A thesis statement for a university essay example may be based on social inclusion for a piece exploring all the challenges that people with mental issues face.

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What Are the Methods to Get Better at University-Level Academic Writing?

These are the features of academic writing that you must use for creating your paper. Remember that staying theme focused, precise and connected is the key to avoiding an unorganised paper and score deductions. Staying on the topic often gets difficult, as when you start writing your paper, you often write a lot in the flow, especially if the theme is your choice.

  1. Each paragraph of your university essay must hold a theme or objective. Don’t randomly add paragraphs to your essay; each paragraph must connect the preceding and the succeeding paragraph.
  2. Use an active voice when writing your academic paper. Anything you write in your paper must be a present perfect. Every key finding, fact and statistic, old or new, word it in a present narrative as per its relevance for you.
  3. Compose short sentences; sentences longer than three lines will confuse the reader. Try and avoid writing long sentences.
  4. The reference or the bibliography section must contain each and every citation in your essay. Plagiarism is gravely frowned upon in universities, and you must avoid that at all costs; referencing is the key to dodging plagiarism.
  5. Avoid adding many technical lexicons in your essay; keep it simple Your essay should just contain enough supportive data to meet the requirements. An uninformed reader should be able to understand your writing.

All rules of academic writing are universally applicable to maintain uniformity and consistency in every scholarly paper. Various forms of academic writing are developed from a common set of universally accepted rules.

These tips and tricks can help you improve your academic writing. Academic writing can be a challenge for many, especially students starting their university careers who might struggle with it. Follow these tips to get a hold of academic writing and compose papers to help you score well. It can be tricky initially but keep writing and practising to get better eventually, or you may refer to the attached university essay example.

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