Another semester, another hustle. You will learn all these new concepts, and I bet there are some that you blatantly signed up for with much effort. Understandably, you need good grades, which these classes ensure, but here’s the challenging part, Assignments. Another semester entails more assignments coming your way.

Freewriting is a technique that many authors use before starting with actual writing as it improves creativity and just helps manifest your thoughts on a paper - Grammarly

You may face issues like lack of subject knowledge or the professor saying, “I expected more efforts from you,” even when you’ve tried your best composing your research paper. Constructing the format as per the university criteria, writing, editing, and proofreading countless times requires effort.

Such issues may affect anyone, and it isn’t unheard of as the university criteria may differ for different courses. Even if you find the time and effort to write your paper, you just can’t seem to find the right academic resource. If you face such issues, you’ve stumbled at the right place.

Read forth as I tell you how online assignment help works and where you can find free academic resources.

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How Does the Assignment Helper Work?

The university curriculum and assignments are designed to lay the foundation for your professional life. Many tasks seem mundane, yet all of these are the building blocks you need for the future. Still, if you feel unable to deliver an assignment, you can ensure good grades; you may get assistance from online resources. If you do end up getting online help, here’s how it usually goes:

Step 1: Sign Up

When you visit an assignment help website, you will come across a pop-up chat, or you can just sign up through the enrollment form.

Step 2: Expert Consultation

You are directed to a live chat/call with academic consultants when you sign up. If you need academic support, a sample solution, referencing assistance, or others, state your issue.

Step 3: Help You Need

As per your requirements, you’ll be connected to an assignment helper. The experts on such websites are qualified academic experts with at least a master's degree. You may discuss your requirements in detail further with your course queries.

Step 4: Solution

The academic experts will inform you about your turnover time. List all your responsibilities and requirements accordingly, as next, you’ll be directed to the student’s portal or check out page.

Tip: Always proofread your paper before submitting it; even get a second opinion from your peers to make sure it doesn't seem rushed or unclear.

After confirming the help you need before checking out, remember to confirm how to track the progress and provide all the necessary information. Your assignment can require editing or proofreading. Many such websites deliver it within a day. But, if you need writing assistance, you will have to contact your academic advisor to ensure that what you write and what you expect align together.

How Can I Improve My Writing?

Academic writing aims to deliver the knowledge directly and impartially. There isn’t much leeway to state facts or concepts mysteriously. You must write to the point and simply without much ambiguity. Before you hire an online assignment helper, here's a list of a few tips to help step up your academic writing game:

  1. Paragraphs are not just placeholders in the body section of your paper; each paragraph must hold a theme or objective. Also, you can't just randomly add paragraphs to your paper; each paragraph must heed the previous paragraph and introduce the next. Doing so will help in keeping a flow in the content.
  2. Use an active voice when writing your academic paper. Anything you write in your papers cannot sound like a story that happened in the past, like "once upon a time…" no, you cannot do that. Every finding, research, and fact be it old or recent, you have to word it as you read it in a present narrative and its relevance.
  3. Use a neutral tone in your writing, and be mindful of the pronouns and possessive pronouns. For example, for referring to a study, you shall not write 'their study has proven' but rather write 'the study proves/proved.'
  4. Write short sentences; if your sentences are three lines or longer, it's possible that the reader will get confused. You must've come across sentences where you have to go to the beginning of them to understand the context. Unpleasant, isn't it? Try and avoid writing long sentences.
  5. The reference from the bibliography section must accompany every citation in your paper. Plagiarism is gravely frowned upon in universities, and you must avoid that at all costs; referencing is the key to dodging plagiarism.

Accessible knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. Quote by Malebo Sephodi

These tips and tricks can help you improve your academic writing. Academic writing can be a challenge for many, especially students starting their university careers who might struggle with it. Follow these tips to get a hold of academic writing and compose papers to help you score well. It can be tricky initially, but keep writing and practicing to get better eventually.

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Where Can I Get Free Resources?

Researchology requires students to conduct experiments and data collection to analyze and conclude the results for various research topics. Data collection is the most important part of a research project, and it may be time-consuming. So, here’s a list of resources where you can get free academic resources:


It is a multidisciplinary source for OA research. One of the largest data repositories of OA articles. You can search more than 200 million articles. PDF downloads are available, or you may directly download them from the publisher’s website.


It offers free resources and over 70 million articles in various science disciplines with a vast publishing and research network. Sign-up is needed to view the full text, but it is free after registering. A meticulous search option will provide you with exactly what you seek. It is an assignment helper you can access for free.

Google Scholar

You can access Scholarly articles for any and every academic discipline. Free to view in pdf format. The filters let you scan by year/discipline/relevance/type. It is, of course, trusted since it works under the google search engine, and you can get it all in one place.


With over 5000 repositories, it is one of the best free academic repositories. You can search based on the organization's name, article type, course, software name, subject, and country. It is free to access, and you can get sources for multi-disciplines.

My Assignment Services

MAS has a huge library of peer-reviewed academic resources - sample solutions, guidebooks, notes, assignment samples, research papers, etc. All are submitted by university students worldwide to make it easier for students to understand the format and other requirements from peers. It is free to access after signup, and it’s among the world’s largest digital repositories.

Did you know that academic writing is based on features like conventions, word choice, presentation, ideas, voice, organisation, and sentence fluency?

You may bookmark all these websites as they might be your key to saving researching time. You get free access to digital resources and save time researching; it is a win-win. Yet, university noobs face issues due to a lack of direction and unfamiliarity with the format. You can get help from online assignment help in Canada for researching.

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