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Get top-notch Coursework Assistance in Canada in over 150+ University Courses from the world’s foremost academic service. We are talking loonies and toonies. Explore our value-added services to bring out the best in you.

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Turnitin Report

Evaluate your assignment paper for duplicate content immediately by software like Turnitin and Plagscan. We also deliver the copy of a Turnitin report along with every solution file.

Quality Check

We have a habit to adhere to the marking rubric. Our Assignment Help Experts take extra care to meet the given word limit, deadlines and prescribed reference style to ensure top grades are achieved.

Proofreading & Editing

Grammar, Punctuation, Spell Check and correct Spacing and Formatting are of prime importance but not the only criteria when our academic experts are proofreading your assignment.

Expert Consultation

Almost every student will agree that direct communication with mentors is the best way to clear doubts. With our services, we ensure that you get Multiple Live Sessions with academic experts.

Impeccable Quality Assignments

Greatness never settles for average

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Quality Online Assignment Help in CANADA

Get exceptional assignment help Canada; curated in collaboration with a learned team of over 2500+ PhD experts who are eager to help you through live sessions and multiple revisions. TRUST US; like thousands of your colleagues have. When YOU are raised to the power of EXPERT knowledge, it will invariably deliver paramount academic success.

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Dissertation Writing Help

Dip in the pool of collective knowledge of our academic experts at My Assignment Services for Dissertation writing help. We will provide you with handheld support to create a comprehensive dissertation which resonates with your unique analysis and instigates productive debate. Worried About Costs?

Essay Writing Help

Do you need essay writing help? We’d say YES! Often students undermine the complexity of an essay but realise it when it’s too late. Don’t be one of them. Learn from Essay Writing Experts on how to choose the right topics and about various nuances that go into creating an eclectic essay that is going to wow your professor.

Thesis Writing Help

Even with sound research; are you struggling with vocabulary when writing your thesis? Keep calm andtake thesis writing services from our esteemed panel of Academic WritingExperts who have assisted hundreds of your peers in achieving HD Grades and in delivering exceptional thesis which represents YOUR singular point of viewon the subject of your choice.

Homework Help

We strive to make submitting homework an effortless task for you. How do we do it? Well, we have gotten experts that are PhD scholars and have been involved in cutting edge industry research.

Do My Assignment

We have been assisting Canada-based students and have made them score top-notch grades in their academic career. With the right kind of support and guidance of our elite writers, you can free yourself from writing stress and focus on your studies.

Academic Writing Help

Academic writing help is the best service for all those students who are somehow not able to undergo the rigorous process of drafting an academic paper. So, if you want to better your grades in these assignments, then contact us.

Our Subject Expertise in Online Assignment Help

Our assignment help experts provide instant assignment help for all the university subjects and topics through online assistance available at a click.



Dissertations, Essays, Case Studies & More

My Assignment Services Scholar (MASS)

Search across 1 Million Resources, Topics, Subjects, Research Papers and more.

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#1 Online Assignment Help Canada

Log in today and Take The Lead

Where do you go when you need urgent online assignment help? Searching Google for ‘do my homework services’ will in all likelihood, land you on dubious pages of academic help websites that are essay mills in reality and use unverified freelance experts. Next time when you are about to hire a “do my assignment expert” ask them a few simple but logical questions first.

“Is the assignment writing service based in Canada?”

“Will you use a subject matter expert to complete my coursework.”

“Is the expert aware of the citations style as instructed in my question file? If Yes, Ask for samples of previous work.”

“Will my assignment be written to justify the learning objectives and as per the grading index of my university? How can I verify that the content of my assignment is Non-Plagiarized?”

And finally, “How seamless is the process? Does it allow live tracking of assignment work? What about revisions and can I talk directly to the assignment expert?”
In the last ten years of our existence, we have worked rigorously to create an online assignment help platform that offers genuine assistance to university students and keeps them involved in the whole process. Right from the beginning when you submit your assignment details with us, our experts start a comprehensive evaluation process and connect with you to understand your requirements accurately.

The first discussion is to understand the classroom learning that needs to be integrated with your assignment and to clear your doubts so you too grasp more knowledge about the topic. Here’ a checklist that what makes us the best assignment writing service in Canada. Check it out:

  • Unlimited revisions before your deadline.
  • A successful track record of completing 97% of the assignments within the deadline since 2012.
  • Live Expert Sessions for doubt clearance; when you need it.
  • 24x 7 Live and Dedicated Customer Support team.
  • Free Academic resources with over 1 million assessment samples and free to view solutions.
  • 100% Non-Plagiarized content submitted with a valid Plag-Scan or Plagiarism report.
  • Uncompromising 21 Step Quality Check by language and subject matter experts before delivery.
  • World’s biggest academic panel with 5000+ Assignment writing experts for both technical and non-technical tasks.
  • A user-friendly student portal to view all your assignment work with one common login.

Unboxing Top Academic Research Help in Canada

Complex Dissertation Help; Simplified for you!

Here’s an interesting stat for doctoral scholars. According to University Affairs, Canada, only 73% of university scholars in Canada end up completing their dissertations; some taking as long as nine years. This number is as low as 55% in the Humanities stream and even lower when it comes to the University Academic Committee approving your dissertation or thesis proposal.

Don’t be that scholar.

Take help with our astute dissertation writing help in Canada and complete your lengthy research reports with an original conclusion and top-class content. We help hundreds of students every year with their complex research reports and they keep coming back to us not only owing to our research prowess but also because we educate them about how to conduct original research.

The job description of a dissertation writer with My Assignment Service includes teaching students about the best academic resources whilst encapsulating the scholar’s point of view and research objective in the final argument of the dissertation. Scores of doctoral students seek help from us in curating their thesis proposals because we don’t cut any corners. Our thesis proposal writers understand how important it is to a student; without a good research proposal, you will not be able to begin your research in the first place leave alone completing your doctorate.

Need Powerful Academic Essay Help in Canada?

Just let us know about the details of your essay assignments and we can guide you in writing a clinical essay whether reflective or argumentative and complete your complex essay assignments with winning content and formatting. Go through the thousands of ‘free to view’ essay samples with ‘MAS Scholar’ (MASS©) and make an informed decision.

Academic precision is a given along with the peace of mind when you hire our best essay writers online. The eminent writing team at My Assignment Services will guide you right from choosing a good topic to creating a compelling introduction and literature review of your essay. Get expert assignment help canada to remove babel from your Bibliographies and for an immaculately crafted essay that pronounces your research and ideas with perfect grammar and reputed research.

My Assignment Help Canada

Tailor-made homework help for you

An assignment is an assignment and each one is different. Each assignment task is designed by your faculty for unique outcomes; even your peers and fellow course mates will get different ones from yours. The academic experts with us treat each question with scholastic sensitivity and ensure that precise content and research are highlighted that fully answer the assessment task while you learn amidst the whole process.

It is not only about getting your assignments done; it is also important that by the time you are done with your assignment, you can fathom both basic and esoteric concepts of your course and can comprehend the learning outcomes of your assignment. What good is the submission of your paper if you don’t end up learning through it? Connect with My Assignment services today to get more knowledgeable about your chosen fields of study. We strongly recommend it as nobody can ever take your learning away from you; even if you lose every other possession.

Assignment Writing Help for Canadian University Students

Assignment help for the Great White North

We are not some anonymous collective of faceless freelancers working in shadows from a region that you have never heard of. Rather, our academic experts are well known in their domains and take the onus of mentoring students with utmost seriousness. A majority of them have Masters or doctorates from top university colleges in Canada or other well-known universities in the UK, USA, and Australia.

When you book your online assignment order with us, your assigned expert will dedicatedly focus on your paper only and keep in regular connection with you, sharing periodic drafts of your solution to ensure that the assignment is being done as per your assessment requirements whilst obliging your revision requests with gusto.

With over a million assignments done by us, a majority of these have been written for pedagogue of top universities in Canada. Students from the University of British Columbia, Montreal, Toronto and Alberta, Mc Gill University, Western and Queen’s University reach out to us for IT Assignment Help, Economics Assignment Help and Statistics Assignment Help, Engineering Assignment Help, Case Study Writing Help; both for long-term and short-term university coursework tasks such as online quizzes and Annotated Bibliography among other assessments.

Get the Best Help with Assignment Writing in Canada

You deserve it

Completing multiple assignments with strict deadlines is tough; so much so that at times the academic pressure leads to social oblivion and a clear distraction towards studies. A student’s life is a busy affair with extensive learning schedules, social life, and extra-curricular commitments and for some; even part-time employment.

Share your assignment worries with us like thousands of your peers have, from around the world.

We won’t disappoint you.

In our endeavor to offering the best assignment help in Canada, we go all the way in ensuring that students receive the best possible services in the shortest amount of time and at superbly affordable costs.

We make learning lotta’ fun for you.

When you receive expert mentorship, you can resolve complex queries with ease and gain from the rich academic experience of our assignment writers in Canada. We have adequate bandwidth to help you with tasks that require exotic language competence or for technical disciplines such as OrCAD, IoT, Python Assignment Help or Data Science Assignment help.

Let us know what you need and we will deliver with exquisite assignment content within the purview of Academic Integrity. Join the most popular assignment service in Canada with free membership access to one of the world’s largest academic resources: MASS©. You are welcome to chat with our support team who will diligently guide you about the best solution for your assignment tasks and even connect you with related academic experts so you can discuss and clear your doubts even before you make any payment.

As a ‘My Assignment Services Scholar’©, you get a completely free ticket to browse through lacs of assignment samples, solutions, and a host of academic value-added services such as free expert consultations, proofreading, reference generators, plagiarism check and much more. Join us today, to experience brilliant education help delivered straight to your mailbox.

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