We will be honest, a lot many people think that “Meh, what’s in writing a resume? Anybody can write that.” Well, first off, resume writing is not something that you can just do. It is no less than art. It is a skill that takes years of experience to master.

But you’re not waiting years to grab the first job that is going to highlight the entire career journey. You want it and you want it now. Well, here you go with how to make a perfect (or near to perfect) resume that is going to blow the minds of the people.

Give ‘Em What They Want!

Let us suppose you went to Domino’s. The moment you order your pizza, the person at the counter starts giving you all sort of options like “buy dip with this”, “have a coke with this”, “take this pizza for a special price”, and others. Your reaction will be?

The same thing happens when you don’t talk straight to the point in your resume. The employer is not there to read only and only your resume.

Do you want to wow them? Hit the nerve right at the beginning. Show them that you are the person who was born for this job right from the career summary.

Exactly What They Need to Read

If you ever read any job description, it always comes with certain job keywords. These job keywords should be identified and used as it is in the resume. This improves the section called ‘Skills’ and makes the employer impressed.

But the problem comes in when the students use the phrase instead of job keyword.

For example, there was a job which said ‘Should be proficient with operation and handling of VMC’ and you use exactly this phrase in your resume as ‘Proficient with operation and handling of VMC’, it is of no use. Blank claims without any supporting evidence are as good as nothing. If we were to say that this blog is being supervised by Johnny Depp, would you believe us? Exactly.

If you want the employer to be wowed by your resume, use the job keywords smartly. Tell them why do you think that you are proficient at some xyz skill. Support your claims with evidence and you will be unstoppable.

LinkedIn Profile

The students spend a lot of time browsing through Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat feeds. That is all okay when you are doing nothing and want to waste your time. But if you are looking for a serious employment opportunity, sniff around the professional Facebook called LinkedIn. Follow some really good people there and create a good profile that will look good.

The employers find resumes really impressive that have a LinkedIn profile. Mark our words on this, if you have a URL for the LinkedIn profile, the employer will definitely check the profile if your resume is convincing enough.

Avoid connecting with your friends over LinkedIn unless they are working for a highly recognised international organisation. You are escaping into a professional world and don’t want to share nonsense among your peers over LinkedIn as well.

Cover Letter

Those who don’t know what a cover letter has probably never have written one. If you have not, then you are missing out one of the most important things that will place your resume at the authority over the others.

In layman terms, the cover letter is a letter that accompanies a parcel to explain the details of the package. Your resume is a parcel here that will be received by the employer’s inbox and you need to explain what is the purpose of this resume.

Resumes that are accompanied by a cover letter have a higher probability of making it to the list of approved resumes than those who are simple titles “PFA my resume”. Do you want to wow the employer? Draft the best cover letter he has seen and sends it along with the resume.

Professional Creativity

Now you must be wondering what in heaven’s name is a professional creativity.

This is perfectly understandable. Well, a resume is a professional and formal document. Also, there is no fixed standard format defined to write the greatest resume there ever was and will be. So, you are allowed to experiment with the same and push the limits to see how far can it go.

However, what most people often miss here is that there should be a limit to how much you are pushing the line. As long as the creative experiments lie within the professional boundary of the resume, you are all okay.

Employers like resumes that are different from the usual league and have tried to explain the same dull information in an interesting and new way.

You Want The Employer To Contact You? Avoid These Mistakes!

Using Unprofessional Email

If you think that who is gonna see and give care to such a thing like an email address, think again. What’s the formal mode of communication between the employer and the potential employee (you)? The email, of course! Do you think that they will be really impressed by sending an interview invitation to cooldaddy123@gmail.com or something like that?

Use professional email addresses. If you don’t have it, create one. Gmail won’t say no to create a new email address, will it?

Irrelevant Job Experience

Almost everyone works part-time during their high school or university days. You might even have been awarded the title of ‘Friendliest Mascot’ but unless you want to play a mascot for children birthday parties forever, don’t mention that in the work experience section.

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Amelia Mia

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