Choosing the best out of hundreds of research paper topics is not an easy task. This blog aims to provide you with the most common ones that can help you take a quick shortcut towards achieving that HD grade. Choosing the most comfortable research paper topic among so many circulating shamelessly on the internet is no easy task. Before you go about on the hunt for the rings of power (research paper topics), understand what a research paper is.

What is a research paper?

To put it in simple terms, a research paper is a formal document written over a course of time. Generally, the font size that’s accepted worldwide is 12, Times New Roman. As mentioned, a research paper is a formal document. Do not use slangs like ‘Waddup’, ‘Bruh’ or do not ‘rite anywhere lyk dis’. There, you have it. Straight outta the mouth of a research scholar (no judgments because this is a blog, not a research paper).

Why Write a Research Paper?

As boring as writing a research paper maybe, they come with certain advantages. Mind it, these advantages are subjected to choosing some nice research topics. Talk about alien life and stuff, get it? Be realistic though. Don’t claim to have interacted with an alien when you attended a Halloween party during a visit to the USA. The advantages, as universities see them, are – When you write a research paper, you use a more refined vocabulary by replacing vague terms. This improves the quality of your all academic documents. When you choose research essay topics, make sure that they can be explained in a formal tone. It is an academic document after all, not a blog. When you write a research paper and share it with the community, you are connected to several other notable people. Brainstorming and discussions on the arguments you presented are analysed critically, improving your thinking ability and quality of arguments presented. Do not feel disheartened when somebody questions you, it is a part of the learning process. This way, you come across other research project ideas that can further improve your research and take you places. Who knows you might present your paper at the next international conference at the Cambridge University, California. Writing your paper on one of the good research topics is essential to enhance your judgment capability. Rather than being a follower of the herd, you are taught to question the world. Challenging the assumptions and theories is the only way to improve the existing base and set a higher standard.

Why Choose Good Research Topics?

That is a valid question, why should you choose good research topics instead of firing an arrow in the dark? Well, when you have to travel for a vacation do you just hop on the first bus that’s going somewhere or plan the entire trip? The latter, obviously. Same is the case with writing a research paper. Choosing a good research topic improves the quality of the content that you are presenting to the world. Let us consider you wrote a research paper on ‘Analysing Performance Efficiency of Male Employees with respect to Number of Female Employees in An Organisation’. Sounds totally absurd, right?  Exactly what you don’t want. Choose a topic your audience can relate to, something that will create an impact. Hence, there are certain research topics that you can select which will create a positive impact on your reader.

How to Choose Research Paper Topics?

When someone discusses topics for research papers, it is generally assumed that you are not a newbie in the proposed field. For instance, if you are writing a research paper on ‘Checking for Physical Feasibility of Iron Man Armour Mark XLII’, you should be aware of the technology as explained in the original motion pictures and comics. You cannot jump right in without any prior knowledge of jet propulsion, robotics, pneumatic and hydraulic mechanics or any other physical property that governs the operation of the shown suit. Thus, to save yourself from the embarrassment of falling off your horse in a pile of poop wearing the armour of a knight, keep in mind certain parameters to choose college research paper topics.

Choose A Topic You Are Comfortable With

If choosing a topic is within your power, it is the best thing that could happen to you. Yes. Choosing a topic that interests you is an advantage that can put you a couple steps ahead. This also saves you time that you would have wasted searching for interesting research paper topics on Google.

Decide Your Objective

Unless you have an objective in mind that you wish to achieve through your research, your research paper will not be effective. If you do not know yourself what is the aim of your research, you cannot expect your readers to understand the same. Even if you have top of the line research paper ideas, they are of no help to you unless your research’s aim is clear.

Choose A Team of Like-minds

You don’t have to handpick Sheldon Coopers for your research, but you don’t want any Mr. Bean either. Choosing a team of the same intellectual level gives you an opportunity to identify the best topics for research papers that your team is preparing. The advantage of a good team is you will not be let down by incomplete work or failing to complete their duties.

Hunt for College Research Paper Topics

While many good topics for research papers are scattered throughout the internet, not every research is within our scope. You, as a student, should keep in mind the intellect potential of yourself and your team before choosing a topic. The student is limited in physical and economic resources that are available. Hence, choosing topics like nanotechnology or artificial intelligence when you don’t even have access to a powerful computer (if not a quantum computer) is foolishness.

Choose A Topic of Your Domain

If you are an automobile fanatic but a student of marketing, you cannot choose research essay topics like ‘Effect of V8 Engine in A Hatchback Car’. Not even if you own a car mod shop. Choosing a research paper topic that is aligned to the domain you are following is an important parameter to keep in mind.

Some Interesting Research Paper Topics

Here are some generic research project ideas for a few of the most general domains that your professor will drool over. Read about them on various sources and if you find it good enough, hit the gas.

Political Scandals and Democracy

Choosing this one out of several research proposal topics is definitely going to leave a mark on the mind of your reader. You also rolled your eyes in amazement, didn’t you? Researching about the effect political scandals have on the democracy of a country or the effects of a scandalous politician on international ties are some topics that everyone can write on. Be it any profession, any domain, politics is bound to affect you – either directly or indirectly.

Artificial intelligence and Jobs

With a rising effort and recent breakthroughs in the world of automation and artificial intelligence, this topic is also in relation to every professional. Whether you are an engineer, writer, nurse, doctor, police or any other, artificial intelligence will impact your livelihood. Writing about the effect of artificial intelligence on the market forces, the effect of artificial intelligence in a production environment, how artificial intelligence can impact the judiciary system of a country are some of the research paper ideas that can help you win a straight HD.

Cyber Security and You

Alright, lads, cyber security is a thing of today. You are a lawyer, you don’t want any competitor to access your client data. You are an engineer, you don’t want someone stealing a patented technology and distributing it to the world for free. In the modern world where almost everything and everyone is connected to the internet, cyber security is of the prime importance. Research paper topics in this field can be “How Secure Are Secure Passwords?”, “At How Much Risk A Secure Computer Is from Ransomware?” or “Why People Are Attracted Towards Online Scams?”.

Nuclear Weapons and World War III

With every other country following into the footsteps of the United States of America and Russia, nuclear weapons have become a mandatory force for every armed force. It is no secret that a nuclear war will only annihilate the entire human race, yet every country is prepping itself for one. Writing about why nuclear weapons are a bane to humankind, why a nuclear war should be avoided at all costs, should united nations ban weaponization of nuclear energy are some good research paper topics that one can choose.

Mistakes to Be Avoided While Writing Research Paper

Many a times, students while writing a research paper commit mistakes that eventually degrade their quality of work and loss of grades. Here are some mistakes that you should check for and avoid at all costs.

Not Writing Abstract

No matter which research proposal topics you have shortlisted, there has got to be an abstract. Now, an abstract and conclusion are somewhat analogous, there are a few differences. No, apart from the obvious different spellings. Abstract gives a brief of what is the aim you to wish to attain and how are you going to achieve that goal. Conclusion talks about what were your methodologies and what were the results of the same.

Writing A Casual Blog Instead

Even if you have selected the casual research paper topics, your research paper and proposal will be totally formal in tone. Nowhere can you address your audience with slangs or jargons. Keep in mind that a research paper is a formal academic document. It is not a casual blog that you are uploading on your personal website. The entire structure is precise, follows a strict format and is written in an academic tone.

Write According to Your Research Paper Topics

If you have conducted a research on the topic ‘Effect Of Indian Currency Demonetisation of 2016 on Australian – Indian Trades’, you cannot write a research proposal asking for a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. Your research paper should be in accordance with your prime objective. If you have to make demands, make sure they are realistic and feasible.

Why Students Need Help with Research Paper Topics?

Choosing a good research paper topic is not enough to write an HD grade fetching assignment. Students have to follow certain points and marking rubric guidelines to be eligible for grading. Some benefits of using an assignment writing service to write research papers are –

Timely Delivery

A student, despite choosing some out-of-the-box research paper topics, might not be able to complete his assignment on time. Primary reasons for this include balancing part time jobs and academics, procrastination, extra-curricular activities, other important matters, and many more. Asking an assignment writing expert to write it for you lets you off the hook of failing to meet the deadline.


Any assignment, whatever research paper topics you chose, has to be proofread. It is an important step because you can never find flaws in your own content. Asking your friends to proofread your assignment can be an option, provided they are not busy writing their own. Also, asking a professional assignment writing expert to proofread your assignment will better ensure the quality. One such trusted organisation who have been helping students with their research paper assignments is My Assignment Services. Learn more about their assignment help services and features from their website or writing to them at You can connect with them anytime, anywhere via WhatsApp at +61 466332323.

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