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What is a zero ranking?

If you are wondering that zero ranking is showing the results even before the first search result on Google, then you are absolutely right! What? Were you not expecting to hear that? Do not worry, I will give you more opportunities to be right.

So, zero ranking is actually the ranking of bits of information that we see on top of the results in a search engine. For example, if you search for “Top Universities in Australia” on Google, you will get a box that has some information with it and a URL below it. What is surprising is that this URL will be there in the search results down. Here is what you will see -

The pieces of information that you see on Google search is also known as the snippets. Digital marketing assignment helpyou to understand this at a deeper level. I am sure that you must have stumbled upon the term ‘snippets’ in your previous endeavours of digital marketing assignments.

Zero ranking and snippets hold a valuable position in digital marketing as they are directly connected to Search Engine Optimisation.

Why is zero ranking important?

When you have to work an assignment to suggest ways that the organisation can adapt to get a good rank in Google, you should be aware of at least the basics of zero ranking.

Google places the widgets above information in any search result of a query. This generally gives the impression to the person that this search result is the most useful one. The information in the snippet is brief and only contains all the facts that are relevant to the search query. So, even if the website is not the number one search result in a search result, it still gets placed over all the others.

When the search result is featured in the zero ranking, it is number one despite not being number one. The websites that are featured in a zero ranking have a higher click-through rate than others. If you want to understand how the click-through rate is manipulated by zero ranking, contact our digital marketing assignment helpexperts.

How to obtain a zero rank?

Every website would want to reach the zero ranking position, wouldn’t they? After all, who wants to reduce their chance of viewing?

So, apply some features in the content that you are publishing on the website or the website of the client for whom you need to perform zero ranking analysis.

The best way of doing this is to add simple questions to the page text. This means that you should write short, simple and easy to understand sentences. This makes your content easy to find and will be available in a factual form.

  • Therefore
  • Use
  • More
  • Bullets

To tell anything to the audience. Use lists, graphs and illustrations in the content wherever applicable.

This will significantly increase the chances of a website featuring at a zero rank.

From where does this answer summary come?

You cannot choose or send Google your own snippet or answer summary if you are thinking in that direction. Google programmatically extracts a summary from everything that the visitor will see on the web page. The Google bot places a snippet at the top so that the incoming traffic is more attracted to the search result that is highlighted.

What Google does when a query is recognised?

Google programmatically identifies pages that are actually answers to the questions to the user’s questions. For example, if I search ‘how to boil eggs’, the featured snippet will be of a result that actually tells me the answer to this question.

The top result of the question is shown in the featured snippet.

Keep in mind that the featured snippets reflect the views and opinions of the website that has published the content. Google is only a platform that is using automatic programs and scripts to arrange the results. The search results and Google bot are constantly updated and refined. Therefore, a featured snippet that you are seeing right now may be different from what you saw yesterday.

Why zero ranking Google search is important?

Okay, the answer to this question is not as easy as you may think it is. Imagine that you are searching for some XYZ thing on Google and hitting the enter. How often it is that you read the title of the web page search result that is being displayed? I am sure that many of you do not care about that.

Exactly like you, a lot of population browsing the internet for information, products or the services do this. They click the very first search result that is displayed irrespective of the fact that there is any relevant information or not. In the digital marketing world, we call this ‘idiot click’. No need to feel offended, some minds decided to coin this term and I cannot do anything about it.

Anyway, since the majority of the population have programmed their brain to click the first link that they see on a search result, if your website is ranking at the zero ranking, you have a chance to attract a huge customer base. They buy your product or not is another story. But the need here is to generate traffic and zero ranking is very well proficient to do that.

What are the prerequisites of hitting the zero ranking position?

Well, this question is the gem and answer to all the troubles of every single digital marketing expertout there. You too are going to be in that race soon. Anyway, right now you should be concerned with what are some requirements or eligibility criteria that decides if you can dream of reaching position #0 or not.

Organically rank on the first page

The first page, by default, shows the top 10 search results whenever a user enters a query. So, if you have just launched and are entering the market, sorry but you do not have a lot of probability of making it to the big boy's table.

Organic ranking means that all the results must be purely keyword based. Your page should not be there because you have hundreds of advertisements running across the internet that is bringing you up.

Relevant content

The only other thing that is needed to reach the snippet position is to give the readers the answer to what they are searching. Your web page or article or blog post or any other type of online text should have relevant information that is of use to the reader.

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