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There are a number of students who get confused when they are asked to differentiate a concept map from mind mapping. Are you one of those students? Are you not able to understand if you should follow the mind mapping or stick to your concept map? My Assignment Services explains to you the difference between concept map and mind mapping.

Let us see the difference between a concept map assignmentand the mind mapping assignmentto understand them better.

Why the confusion?

Concept map and mind maps, both are a way to present factual information in visualisation and look similar. That is why it is often assumed that a concept map and mind map are almost one and the same thing.

Not just students, sometimes even professors get confused about the difference between concept map and mind mapping. Probably that is the reason why this professor asked the students to prepare a mind map (concept map) in the assignment.

Here is the question -

But don’t you worry because the concept map online helpproviders are here to save the day, like every other day. I will tell you what is a concept map and how is it different from a mind map.

The obvious difference is in the definition of what concept map is and what mind map is.

Concept Map

It is a graphical representation of the relationship between concepts with reference to a particular question in hand. This diagram is generally drawn with boxes in which the primary concept is written and are connected with labelled arrows that are downward branching and in a hierarchical structure.

One single topic in a concept map can have more than 1 parent topic and as many sub-concepts as it can connect to. To understand how, you can take My Assignment Services’ nursing concept map online help.

What are the characteristics of the concept maps?

  1. Concept map assignment help the students to organise and represent information.
  2. It usually contains a general concept at the top and then sub-concepts are arrayed downwards in a hierarchical manner.
  3. The connecting lines generally have a keyword or a phrase that define the relationship between the concepts they are connecting.
  4. The topics can be cross-linked with each other to show a complex relationship between the topics. Theisare one parent to the topics in some concept maps. There can be multiple connecting lines to each topic which shows a different relationship with a different topic.

What is a concept map assignment in nursing?

This is a concept map example that was given in a nursing course. As you can see in the question file, you have to prepare a concept map that shows what diagnostic tests did the student run and what are the treatment modalities that were observed for the diagnosed disease.

To solve this assignment, you have to contact an online concept map assignment services. Or you can simply find two or three concepts that revolve around the question. Additionally, you have to work your way to develop a list of 4-5 concepts that are secondary to the primary concepts placed.

Click here to learn the steps of how to make concept map assignment.

Mind map

Mind mapping is a way you visually organise the data that you have. This diagram is also hierarchical and shows the relationships among the pieces of the map. Mind map is generally created keeping a key idea in the centre and then branching out several primary ideas.

Unlike a concept map, we draw the central idea in the mind map as an image that is at the centre of a blank page. Associated with that, we branch out other ideas in the form of image, words or part of words. The key ideas are directly branched to the central idea and other ideas are created as a branch of the key ideas.

A mind mapping online assignment helpprovider says that the mind map has a central topic that clearly depicts what this mind map is about. The first level topics are also called as the basic ordering ideas. They define the cope of the mind map’s topic.

Whatever topics branch out from these key topics, they are called child topics. There is no restriction to the number of first level topics and child topics that your mind map can have. You can have as many layers as you want as long as it is fulfilling the purpose of the mind map.

We depict topics in different shapes, size, colours and fonts.

What are the characteristics of a mind map?

  1. The mind maps are more flexible and susceptible to creativity than the concept maps.
  2. It is generally used to divide a long piece of information into a visual diagram that is easy to remember and explore the central topic in different ways.
  3. The mind maps can have images, different colours that make them more visually stimulating.
  4. Generally, topics in the mind map have only one parent topic.

Learn how to prepare a mind mapping assignment.

This is what a mind map looks like.

In this mind mapping assignment, the students have to prepare a mind map that shows their findings. Then, they have to decide on the category of homelessness that they wish to address in the assignment.

The mind mapping nursing assignmentis sightly different from the general type of mind maps. This is because in such assignments, we have to take a little inclination towards the concept maps.

Get your concept map and mind mapping assignments done!

I hope you know what is the difference between a concept map and mind mapping and you can prepare your assignments keeping in mind the above explanation.

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