The way businesses are conducted in the 21stcentury is changing phenomenally. Artificial intelligence and information technology are slowly integrating themselves in our daily lives, even the way we make decisions for any business. Hence, students are given assignments for business intelligence. One concept in this is the Expert System. Get a detailed understanding of an IT assignment helpprofessional.

Let us see all that you should know about the expert system, what they are and how they are used in businesses.

What is an expert system?

Artificial intelligence expertsdefine an expert system as a computer program whose job is to act like a person or the organisation which has expert information and experience in a particular field.

We all have seen Ironman, yes? Jarvis is an artificial intelligencethat guides Tony Stark on various decisions and provides his own perspective of things.

Similarly, if we create one such artificial intelligence from the brain of Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein, who were experts of their field, such a system will be called an expert system.

What does an expert systemdo?

It is a machine program which is aimed to mimic the decision making capability of humans. You place this machine in your organisation, enter the details that you want and it will provide you with its own view on the matter. Yes, it will suggest a decision for you.

Imagine that you are in a board meeting. The board has to vote on ‘if the company should terminate employees for cost-cutting or not’. You put in all the variables associated with this situation in the expert system and every fact or rule that is important to be known for taking this decision. The expert system will tell you a decision.

Scientists use expert systems to solve complex problems. Have you seen the Netflix series Lost in Space? How do you think Maureen was able to deduce the fact that John’s ship will be able to fly off from the atmosphere of the planet they were stuck on? Using expert systems, yes.

How does an expert system work?

These intelligent systems are divided into two subsystems that complete each other -

  1. Inference engine
  2. Knowledgebase

As the name goes, the knowledge base is the part where you store all the information and everything that the machine should know so that it is able to solve the problem.

The inference engine, as the name, is charged with giving out the solution to the problem fed into the system.

Let us take an example to understand how the expert system works.

  1. The Earth revolves around the sun. That is an established and known fact.
  2. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is depleting drastically, that is a newly established fact.
  3. The problem is to see how long does earth have before the ozone is completely destroyed and the planet becomes inhabitable.

The first fact that earth revolves around the sun is fed into the knowledge base. The rule is that ozone is necessary for the earth to remain habitable. This rule is also fed into the knowledge base.

The newly established fact of ozone depletion is entered into the inference engine. The problem is entered into the inference engine. What happens? The inference engine uses the facts and rules in the knowledge base and use the data with the new fact and deduce a solution.

What are the applications of an expert system?

I mentioned earlier that business decisions are also impacted by the use if artificial intelligence. Hence, let us discuss where can we use expert systems in the businesses.

1.Financial decision making

Experts have created expert systems that advice the finance professionals on whether they should sanction the loan to any business or an individual. The companies also use an expert system to determine the risk associated with any customer.

2.Planning and scheduling

Every organisation has a set of goals that are to be achieved and a number of processes take place in order to achieve those goals. These business processes can be sometimes way too complex. Therefore, the professionals use an expert system which studies the existing processes, the goals to be achieved and then suggest actions that should be undertaken to achieve the goals.

3.Monitoring and control

The expert system’s job here is to constantly analyse the real-time data that is incoming from the various devices. This data is monitored and the expert system will keep a check on the problems arising, forecasting and correcting any possibilities of failure.

How to handle your expert system assignment?

The assignments allotted to the students in expert systems are not easy because it involves analysis of a problem, identification of the facts and rules, highlighting the actual problem and using the existing data for finding out the solution to the problem with the new facts.

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