Are you a student at the University of Canberra looking for help in your PG6680 assignment 1? Then today is your lucky day as the IT assignment help expert at My Assignment Services are going to give you the answers for all your question. I am going to guide you on what all to write in PG6880 assignment 1 answers.

Moreover, I will also give you snaps of the answer that I wrote so that you can get a reference for how to write your answer and what to write.

Let us begin with the first question.

To write PG6880 assignment 1 answersfor question 1, there are few things that you should know about -

  1. What is the expert system
  2. Where can we use expert system
  3. Why can we use the expert system in the situations they are used in
  4. Advantages of the expert system over conventional programs

To learn all these, you need to start off with research on the internet. You need to search for research articles and various books or any other source where you can get the information you are looking for.

What I did in my PG6880 assignment 1 answerswas that I started off with an overview of the application of the expert systems. This included a discussion of where and how expert systems can be used. I also used an example to draw a comparison of how expert systems are used differently in a different setting.

Once done, I went on to discuss the 5 broad categories of the expert system applications in my PG6880 assignment 1 answersthat were verified from a number of online sources. These 5 categories were identified, mentioned and then explained in the answer. This was just done to eat up the words. Just kidding, do not do that. The purpose of explaining them was to let the reader know that the students have searched and have understood how expert system play a role in the various domains and what will happen if they are removed.

Then, in my PG6880 assignment 1 answers, I discussed the advantage that ES holds over a conventional program and how that allows solving complex solutions faster. Also, I explained why and how possibilities of error arise in an expert system and how can we rectify them. For that, an internet search was conducted and use of common sense was involved.

Solution to question 2

The question has given you a list of 10 rules that you have to refer to for writing PG6880 assignment 1 answersto these 2 questions. Do not worry, the answer here is comparatively simpler than the first one. To answer what the client should do when the dollar exchange rate is falling, you should refer to rules. These will tell you how the interest rates will be affected by the decline in the dollar exchange rate. Through that, you will see if the decision of taking a new loan is in the benefit of the client or not.

For PG6880 assignment 1 answersof the 2ndquestion here, you have to see the rules related to interest rate change and the bonds. By reading them, you need to draw a relationship between the interest rate change and the investment in the bonds. Then only will you be able to see that if the investment in the bonds is going to be fruitful to the client or not?

Remember that My Assignment Services are the good guys? Yes. So, how will you like it if I give you the answer to one of these questions? Do you want PG6880 assignment 1 answersfor question 2.1? Okay, here you go.

Question 3

To answer this question, you need to be aware of the following -

  1. What is a Decision Support System
  2. How decision support system is useful for travel agencies
  3. How expert system is related to the decision support system

When you have searched the internet to obtain the information that is needed, you will be able to answer the questions that are asked.

To write your PG6880 assignment 1 answers, look for the importance of expert system in assisting users for travel bookings, what the expert system should know to do that and how the expert system will lack in this task.

Now, I am giving you the answer to the second part of this question but only so that you can frame your own PG6880 assignment 1 answersby reading them for reference. Here it is -

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