In this age of technology, the Internet has taken over people's lives and time. Nowadays, it is almost unimaginable to find individuals who don’t at least once check their social media or leaf through the trending topics on Twitter. It is now a modern reality that people have to stay in touch and updated about the latest buzz and trends.

But, the question arises, does social media usage also impact students' performance? The arrival of social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., divided reality into two parts, online and offline. Using such platforms helps connect people distant or near. These provide entertainment, but people now use them as excuses and escape.

Did you know that an estimated 210 million people suffer from social media addiction worldwide?- Based on a study conducted at the University of Michigan, 2017

Using digital tools aids communication; you can stream music, Bing your favourite series, read e-books, post/store pictures, videos and other data. Social media indeed has simplified our lives and is ingrained into our lifestyle without us realising. Based on a BBC published report, the chances of you being addicted to social media is higher than alcohol or drug addiction.

Interesting, isn't it? Or rather, you're anxious about your prevailing habits? Read forth to learn more about social media usage advantages and disadvantages.

positive and negative effects of social media on students

What are the Advantages of Social Media?

Almost every individual has a smartphone, and using social networking sites has become simpler with such devices. I bet most of you have at least one account (or tried making) on many popular social media platforms. Social media is now an important placeholder in each of our lives.

Students are more inclined to use social media greatly. With the arrival of necessary e-learning methods, students are more exposed to digital platforms, whether academic or social interaction. There is a popular perception that many students waste plenty of time on social media usage; it also comes with many benefits in a student's life. A few of them are:

Educational Tool

Social media can be a good educational tool for high school/university students. Most university campuses have free wifi for students' use, and no such social media platform restrictions are imposed. The right use of social media allows students to connect with their peers for sharing academic information/resources and also aids in attending webinars.

An average person uses social media for at least two hours per day which is equivalent to five and a quarter months of their lives - The Washington Post

Share Information

Cooperative learning or group projects ensure students work in small groups, so they would definitely use social media to interact with each other. Various university forums and groups are based on platforms where students can access lectures and discussions. Social media usage advantages and disadvantages are based on the user’s responsibility which is also true for sharing information.

Research Work

The latest global trends are now accessible anytime and anywhere through Twitter, and for students, it's necessary to keep up with the latest news and trends. Researching is a necessary part of university coursework, and students are required to use only the latest studies and knowledge, social media help in doing such research.

Building Supportive Online Communities

We are now more connected to each other than ever before through social media. Online communities have people who share some similar interests gathered through online mediums. Such communities provide a feeling of connection, and it was especially useful in the covid crisis.

Social Media Helps Professional Networking

Online communities are not just based on shared interests; such communities are also useful for professional networking. Students throughout their university life become part of various online communities that provide employment opportunities. Also, students can catch up with the latest trends and news from their field of study.

Social networking sites are not always disadvantageous; it depends on the user using such tools/sites. Be it good or bad, too much of something is always bad for you; hence the amount of time you spend on social media also decides the harm you might bear if you indulge yourself too much.

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How are Social Media Usage Disadvantages for Students?

Affects Social-Emotional Connection

Using social media has distorted the way people use to connect socially and emotionally. Be it Birthday wishes or emotional conversation, all of this is now bounded within textual conversation via online platforms. Lack of in-person communication has resulted in reduced emotional connection.

Social Media Addiction

Yes, it is a real condition, people do get addicted to social media, and it is majorly witnessed in young adults/teens. They use social media so extensively that it disturbs their sleep patterns and even causes health problems. Studies have shown that people who use twice as much social media are more likely to develop depressive symptoms.

According to Statista, by the end of 2021, the number of monthly active social media users will reach over three billion.

Security Issues

There have been several instances where irresponsible social media usage has left teenagers suffering a loss of privacy breach or monetary loss. Online monetary scams are very common cybercrimes, and it has been multiplying by day through social media. If not careful, social media poses multiple security risks to the user.


Bullying is the worst form of humiliation and public distress that a person has to go through, and now it has upgraded to cyberbullying. It just means multiple individuals posting rude/hateful comments or posts targeting a certain individual or group. Social media has provided leeway to cyberbullying, and it isn't going away anytime.

Source of Distraction

Social media usage has its advantages and disadvantages, and users decide this for themselves. Extensive social media use has become a leading source of distraction for students, and it is increasingly taking over the time students should be studying. It has become a common struggle. Hence there are various focus applications to use that help students to work/study.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; the user decides how much they are letting such websites control their lives. If you are addicted to checking your social media every few hours, then you need to detox yourself of such temptations. Social media is a responsibility that you must use with caution.

tips for using social media responsibly

Why is Responsible Social Media Usage Important for Students?

The time students spend meeting new individuals and making friends; they are bound to meet a vast number of people and add them on social media. With such diverse identities, personalities, and ideas, uniting can either help discover everlasting friendships or crash and burn with a bad social media experience.

Therefore, the user has to be responsible for their actions and what image they are portraying online. It is now basically a trend to create a fake persona and lifestyle online. Many of you follow such 'influencers' on your social accounts. But, while idealising and following such individuals online, we've drifted away from reality.

More than 45 per cent of the world's population are active social media users. - Fame Mass

Social media was supposed to be used for promoting, marketing, communication, and entertainment, yet today, users have ignored the responsibility of a social media account. It is important to use such tools responsibly to influence others to share the responsibility for making social media a safe space for any individual of any age.

Always remember, social media usage advantages and disadvantages are the results of the things you access and post online. Extensive usage is also harmful, so keep track of your time on social media. It is also necessary to get out of the comfort zone you've created in your digital space.

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