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There is a reason why nursing is often referred to as the noblest profession among all other professions in the world; Nursing is synonymous with caring. Therefore, it is necessary to understand Jean Watson theory as the profession of nursing embraces the theory of Jean Watson’s Caring Science. My Assignment Services is one of the most renowned organizations that has solely been responsible for providing top-notch grades to students in all of their homework assignments. For the last ten years, we have been a concrete source of support to a vast number of students all over the world. This is how we have become the best organization for getting your hands on assignment help in Canada. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of what is Jean Watson’s Theory and its application in nursing practice. So, let us get started.

did you know theory of human caring

What Is Caring Science? Hear It Out from Our Experts

As rightly said by Florence Nightingale, “the role of a nurse is to help them recover and self-heal”, this shows the position of the nurse in the heart of healing. There is a positive energy that is known to flow through the spirit, mind, and body. This is rewarding for both the nurses and the patient. Caring science is what embraces this positive energy. There are two principles that nurses follow which are intentionality and authentic presence to promote the well-being of the patient.

It is also known as the Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring. This revolves around the methods by which nurses respond to the health of the patients. Jean Watson’s Theory emphasizes the humanistic aspects of nursing that overlap with the scientific knowledge involved in nursing practice.

According to this model, “nursing is all about promoting health, preventing illness, monitoring diseases and sickness and restoring their health”. This means that nurses have to focus on health promotion and intervention of the diseases. In a nutshell, Jean Watson’s Theory strongly emphasizes caring. It states that caring promotes the health of patients better than any other medical cure.

Which Are The 10 Carative Factors of Watson’s Theory in Nursing?

As per our Jean Watson theory writing help experts, to understand this theory better, it is crucial to understand the ten carative factors of Watson’s Theory in Nursing. Let us help you gain a comprehensive understanding of these factors. Fret not, our nursing assignment help experts have covered it all for your reference.

Following are the ten carative factors of Jean’s Nursing theory that you need to know.

  1. Developing humanistic-altruistic value systems
  2. Allowing for existing phenomenological forces
  3. Instilling faith hope
  4. Cultivating sensitivity to oneself and people around them
  5. Helping with the gratification of the human needs
  6. Promotion of human feelings
  7. Developing a supportive environment
  8. Incorporating the problem-solving approach for making decisions
  9. Establishing a helping-trusting relationship
  10. Promoting teaching and learning

These are some of those factors that you need to consider while writing nursing assignments that are based on Jean Watson theory. Our panel of experienced nursing assignment writers are available at your convenience whenever you need them to guide you through any of the queries.

If you want us to help you understand any of these factors, just let us know. Within a few moments, we will get back to you and help you gain a better understanding of it so that you can easily apply them in your assignments.

Do you wish to know more about how our Jean Watson theory writing help experts produce impeccable nursing assignments on this theory? Here’s a quick sample to recapitulate the basics. But before that, let us know the applications of Jean Watson’s nursing theory in different clinical settings.

How Is Watson’s Nursing Theory Applied in Different Types of Nursing Care Settings?

If you ask about how Watson’s nursing theory is applied, then you will come across the above-mentioned factors. When you are clear with these 10 carative factors, then you need not worry about anything else. These are the areas where this theory is applied for different areas of nursing. Let us proceed with a nursing assignment sample on Jean Watson’s theory in nursing.

In these years, our nursing assignment help experts have not let any of the assignments go without being attended to. To let you know how we proceed with such assignments, here are some of the excerpts from the solution that we have done for the reference purpose of students.

jean Watson theory introduction

This is the introduction that we have compiled for one of the assignments that students have sent to us in this field. As shown in the above image, the concept of transpersonal has been highlighted here together with an elaboration of the Jean Watson nursing theory.

Transpersonal Defined

In this part, we bring in some more concepts associated with this theory in nursing. However, this is just a brief overview of the homework assignment. If you want us to help you with the complete solution to this question, or any other similar type of question, then all you gotta do is let us know of the assessment requirements. We will go through them and do our best to provide you with all the answers that you need from us instantly.

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