As stated by Robert Frost in the poem “The road not taken”, it is not important that the way that is chosen by many people ought to be the correct one; often the ‘road not taken’ by some leads to beautiful destinations, the significance of an argument in an essay is similar. The argument that is formulated by a majority of students doesn’t mean, it has the power to convince the readers. If you have an inquisitive mind, you can also do wonders with your own argument!

Writing an argumentative or persuasive essay is not just a matter of a few moments for a student; it is just like that road that has not been taken by many people. The entire process of curating a well-structured argumentative essay is an evasive endeavour for a majority of the students all across the globe. The abundant amount of research that goes behind formulating the arguments for this type of essay is the major concern of distress among students. Not only for students, but even a professional who has catered to a few argumentative essays also find this task troublesome. Naturally, finding reliable academic assistance for an argumentative essay is just like finding an oasis in a desert.

For writing an argumentative essay, students have to research the topic, garner information, evaluate and analyse the evidence and convince the readers on the argument that is being defended in the entire essay. As the name suggests, the main purpose of the argumentative essay is to elaborate upon the chosen argument and back it up with credible evidence to persuade the readers.

Fortunately, our team of worthy essay writers have handled hundreds of thousands of such essays to make it easier for students. For the last ten years, our industry veterans have tried their hands over a variety of argumentative essays and managed to bring them closer to their dream grades. If you’re wondering how to write the best argumentative essay, then our essay help writers are just the perfect people to help you with. In these years, we have got our hands over all the ingredients that are put into the making of these essays that have fetched stellar grades to them. So, without further ado, let us understand the process of drafting an argumentative essay.

argumentative essay topics

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

When you are writing an argumentative essay, a lot of factors need to be considered. You need to take into account more than mere opinions so that your voice can make some appearance among the crowd. Even if your voice is the strongest among the rest, if the stance is bereft of any concrete evidence, then it won’t be that compelling that is capable of persuading the readers in favour of your argument.

The best argumentative essay is that which is properly structured and entails solid reasoning and credible evidence. So, based upon the audience, our essay writers have managed to draft a variety of argumentative essay samples for the reference purpose of students in these years. Before throwing some light on that work, it is imperative that you have a brief idea on the steps to write an effective argumentative essay. Don’t worry, we will help you with this.

A Good Argumentative Essay Sample That Will Solve All Your Doubts!

There might be a plethora of questions cropping up in your minds related to drafting such an essay. To give the answers to them, what could be better than a recently-completed essay sample? This is just one of the samples that we will discuss now. You can hover over our entire storehouse of sample argumentative essays to get a clear picture of the main intricacies of these essays.

argumentative essay topics2

This is the assessment brief for this essay. As mentioned in this, the main objective of this homework is to present a critique of the substance-use interview. This is a type of argumentative essay wherein, students have to first analyse the interview and then critique it and convince the audience on their viewpoints.

Now, let us proceed with the solution that our essay writers drafted for this question.

argumentative essay topics3

As you can see in the image above, this is the introduction of the essay. Here, our essay help writers clearly throw some light on the first contact of the person who has come to terms with substance use disorder. You can see how we have highlighted the topic, in reference to the background of the patient.

argumentative essay topics 4

In the first body paragraph, the first idea is introduced. With the use of proper evidence, our essay writers back up the arguments and this add to the quality of our work. This approach is followed for the remaining body paragraphs as well.

argumentative essay topics 5

The above image shows the conclusion that has been drafted for this argumentative essay. The basic purpose of this essay is met here, which is to convince the readers on a certain perspective or argument. This brings us to the end of the essay assignment. However, there are several sections in the essay that needs a proper explanation for a better understanding. If you want us to provide you with the complete solution to this essay or any other type of essay, just consult us and hand us over all the requirements of the essay.

We can also provide you with instant tips and tricks to complete writing the best argumentative essay via the live one-on-one sessions 24*7, as per your convenience.

How To Write A Short Argumentative Essay In Just 4 Easy Steps?

The structure of an argumentative essay has to be straightforward for the readers to decipher the essence easily. Aligning to the views, reasoning, opinion and supporting them with credible evidence is the basic crux of what you need to do in these essays.

Having catered to all the essay-related queries of students for the last decade, we have compiled our personal list of 4 easy steps to write an argumentative essay for students. When you write an essay, make sure you too adhere to these steps to make the task a lot simpler for yourself.

1. Begin with an interesting introductory paragraph

You might have often heard that an introductory paragraph is known as the hook, haven’t you? What could be the reason behind this? Well, it is so because the introduction serves as a bait for the audience, to engage and bind them to the end of the essay.

While writing the essay introduction, our essay writers outline the topic of the essay, give a brief description of the background so that the audience is able to understand the context of the argument, outline all the evidence that will be used in the essay and state the main argument.

2. Present the thesis statement properly

The primary reason why students rely upon our essay writing services is due to the challenges that they face while presenting the thesis statement in the essay. It has to be concise. We generally write it in the form of a one-sentence summary that is able to explain the claim that we want to make in the essay.

3. Construct each body paragraph with a new idea

A typical argumentative essay sample that we draft comprises of three body paragraphs. This is the section where the arguments made have to be backed up with evidence from credible resources. This is where most of the students fall prey to a shortage of information or plagiarism.

On the contrary, our essay writers back up all the arguments with appropriate text citations, examples, statistics and authentic information to make it the best argumentative essay.

4. End it with an appealing conclusion

Conclusions have to be solid and articulate. There is no scope to bring new ideas here that have not been introduced or discussed in the rest of the essay. The conclusions that we write in our reference essay samples seek to find solutions to those problems that have been addressed in the homework. Additionally, our essay writing help experts also advise students to re-iterate on the main ideas here so that it recapitulates them in the minds of the audience.

How Our Essay Experts Help Students In Securing Top-notch Grades In Their Essay Homework?

Essays come with a lot of technicalities, especially those essays that have to persuade a reader on some point. Added to it is the need to have a command over grammar that has the capability to either make or break the essay. My Assignment Services is an abode to PhD degree holders in multiple subjects from a wide range of reputed universities all over the world. This makes them fit to work upon a variety of essays and help students get closer to their dream grades.

With an abundant number of experts in our team, we have never missed a single deadline. All the intricacies of the essays are looked at with an eagle’s eye focus. Naturally, all the drafts that we roll out to our clients are impeccable and devoid of even a single trace of plagiarism.

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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