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So, are you interested to know more about what are enzymes: functions, type, definition and characteristics? This is what we are here for. Just like we have been fruitful to other students, we will do our best to help in gaining a piece of comprehensive knowledge on this topic. With the help of a wide range of reliable samples from us, you can easily brush up on your ability to approach these complex assignments.

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What Are Enzymes? Here’s What Our Experts Say

Enzymes are just like those catalysts that boost up the chemical reactions within the human body. This is done when they bind the molecules together to perform specific functions. Each of the human processes such as digestion, respiration, working of muscles, and more are dependent on the function of enzymes.

Some of the basic points that you need to consider about enzymes include:

  1. These are structures of proteins combined together to produce complicated shapes in the human body.
  2. The metabolism within the human body is dependent on how these enzymes work.
  3. Enzymes perform the work of a catalyst for the human body in making the chemical reactions faster.
  4. Within an enzyme, there is an active site where a substrate binds itself and forms a product. This process keeps on repeating in the body.
  5. They are biological polymers that act as catalysts for different biochemical directions.

With the help of these points, our nursing assignment writers have given you a brief knowledge of what are enzymes: functions and definition. Coming to the next part, let us proceed with knowing the different types of enzymes present in the world as well as their characteristics.

How Many Types of Enzymes Are There? These Are the Ones That You Need to Know

If you ask our nursing assignment help experts, then we will explain to you the six different types of enzymes. We have broadly classified them into six categories with different biochemical properties. Before working upon such assignments, it is important for you to know these properly.

Worry not if you don’t; we will help you in understanding them well. Following are the six types of enzymes that you must know. In the last few years, our experts have covered them all for students like you.

1. Oxidoreductases

This is the type of enzyme that is used to catalyse the oxidation reactions in the body. In these reactions, the electrons move from one molecule to another.

2. Transferases

This is the type of enzyme is used to transport the different types of functional groups within the domain of acceptors and donor molecules.

3. Hydrolases

Just as the name suggests, hydrolases are the type of enzymes that catalyse hydrolysis reactions. This is done by adding water to cleave the bond.

4. Lyases

Lyases are the enzymes that are responsible for adding water to the double bonds to either eliminate them or form these bonds.

5. Isomerases

These enzymes are responsible for catalysing the structural shift as a result of which the molecule shapes change.

6. Ligases

These enzymes are responsible for charging the catalysis of the litigation process.

These are the six different types of enzymes. By now, you might have understood the types of enzymes. Now, let us give you an idea of the characteristics of the enzymes.

Which Are the Characteristics of Enzymes? Here Is the List for Your Reference

Students often get confused about the characteristics of enzymes. Over the years, our experts have cleared the doubts of students in this field to help them understand these assignments and complete them on time.

Following is the list of characteristics of enzymes that you need to know for distinguishing them.

  1. These fasten the chemical reactions
  2. They get inhibited by inhibitors
  3. Humans need them only in some small quantities
  4. Some of these enzymes require coenzymes
  5. The action of enzymes is specific
  6. Some of the enzymes are also responsible for catalysing reversible reactions
  7. pH affects the enzymes
  8. The temperature has effects on enzymes

These characteristics distinguish enzymes from others. Do you want to know how our nursing assignment writers work upon these assignments? Let us provide you with a reference sample now.

How to Produce a Nursing Assignment Just Like an Expert? Here Is a Reference Sample for You

characteristics of enzymes sample

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