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Students' lives are not easy, and to be honest, it has never been easy. These are the years in which you develop your skills and prepare for future difficulties. In any case, there's another side to it. Multiple assignments from many courses are frequently assigned to you, making it challenging for you to focus on anything other than your academic assignment. Your personal life is interrupted, and your mental and physical health suffers due to your academic assignment.

When writing for academic purposes, you are contributing to a larger conversation that takes place among scholars. So, you need to put your thoughts and input into that big conversation. Setting up this conversation is the purpose of incorporating a literature review into a paper.

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Here are Some Useful Advice Given by Academic Writing Experts

Pay Attention to The Way People Speak

Your goal is to have a two-way conversation with someone who isn't an anonymous academic or corporate writer. Contractions, piecemeal speech, and reflexive pronouns like "I" and "we" are all used by real people. While this may go against the grammar standards you learned in high school English, it works best for conversational writing because that's how humans communicate (Try to avoid filler words like "uh" and "um.").

Write in Short Sentences

Shorter is better when it comes to readability. Extended monologues are uncommon, and long phrases risk losing the narrative. Avoid writing paragraphs with more than four or five sentences and focus on getting to the point.

Be Careful with The Passive Voice

When the subject executing the verb is also the sentence's object, the passive voice is used. That is, instead of stating, "The ball was caught by the dog," write "The dog caught the ball." Notice how the first version, which is written in the passive voice, is clumsy and awkward? Try to employ the active voice in your conversational writing—make sure the entity doing the verb is the subject of your sentences.

Develop Your Own Voice

It's crucial to build your own sense of speech rhythm and terminology as a writer. Which terms do you naturally use, and which do you try to avoid? If you're not sure how your voice sounds, consider keeping a casual journal or blog for a few weeks and then reading it. The tone you use with yourself is the most natural and conversational.

Read Your Writing Aloud

Reading your work aloud will help you assess if your writing flows as you talk. You may find yourself using terms you don't often use or memorizing a lot of thoughts. Read your first copy aloud and pay attention to where you pause for breath—if your breath falls in the middle of a phrase, these are great places to halt and rework.

Understand Your Audience and Your Position

What is the demographic of your intended audience? Is it a group of young music fans or a group of senior mystery novelists? There are several levels and forms of informality, and the appropriate tone will depend on who you are writing to. Knowing how to write in different groups as if you were a group member is part of strengthening your writing talents.

Recognize When a Little Formality Is Required

Even though most of your writing is conversational, there may be moments when a little formality is needed. When writing on issues where the reader may be looking for help, such as financial, legal, or medical information, you may want to strike a more professional tone to demonstrate your trustworthiness.

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How Conversations Should Be Used in Academic Writing?

  • Introduction

The introduction paragraph of an academic writing is written in a conversational tone so readers know what ideas or points you will be discussing. Each conversation's academic writing is based on a major issue. Academic communication is important! Whether it's between a student and their teacher, or between two peers in a collaboration, the ability to clearly convey thoughts in written and spoken form is essential for any kind of academic work

  • Main Body

In the main paragraphs, you are expected to analyze your chosen point of view involving the argument. Begin your argument by introducing your problem. When you begin to analyze text, pay attention to 'wh' (how, when, what) to convey specific meanings. Don't forget to back up the assumptions with appropriate ideas and appropriate examples.

  • Personal Response:

Your personal response analysis and academic writing demonstrates your deep understanding of the topic. Don't limit yourself by giving only positive responses; You can also reassure your readers by showcasing negative responses. Individual responses should be in evidence throughout the writing, not at the end of the essay.

  • Conclusion

Your conclusion serves the purpose of demonstrating the relationship between the analyzed text and the argument presented. But analyzing conversations in academic writing is not as easy as it sounds. Those who have tried to write an analysis essay already know that working hard is not the way to get success. You need to act wisely.

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