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There is an urgent need to re-establish basic infection and disease control measures, which have been commonly noticed in people for a long time. The course of nursing introduces the learner to a number of such diseases, symptoms of diagnosis, methods of cure, prevention methods, etc. which are taught in the universities. Nursing assignments are sometimes based on specific diseases which are commonly encountered and are important to be learnt so that the students pursuing the course could develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of nurses and midwives regarding the diseases and their prevention and control.

One such disease is Cystic fibrosis, that is generally researched about and hence comes with lengthy and complex assignments. Why do students take cystic fibrosis assignment help? If you are one of them who are searching for the solutions to your CF nursing assignment, this guide can help you find one. Let us learn what is the whole assignment on CF about.

What Constitutes A Cystic Fibrosis Assignment?

The assignments on cystic fibrosis are based on the causes, symptoms, prevention of the disease and therefore, it is necessary to learn about them before considering complicating topics. Clearing the basics of the topic is a primary key to a successful attempt on questions. Let us see some common topics that you should be well-versed with in order to write the assignments on CF.

What Is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disease that causes the body to make thick, sticky mucus. This causes problems in two major areas: the lungs and the digestive system.

Cystic fibrosis causes

Healthy lungs produce mucus, which protects the airways and makes it easier to breathe. But for a person with CF, the mucus is thick and sticky and can clog up the lungs. This creates a place where bacteria can easily grow — and bacteria cause infections.

And it's not only the airways and lungs that are affected in a person who has cystic fibrosis. Mucus-producing cells line the digestive tract, including the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and reproductive organs. The pancreas produces enzymes that help digest food and hormones that help absorb sugar. When thick mucus in the pancreas clogs up the narrow passageways, it can make it difficult for people to digest food and get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Cystic fibrosis affects more than 30,000 children and young adults in the United States. It can be mild or severe, depending on the person. To make normal mucus, the body needs a special protein. This protein is defective in cystic fibrosis, producing the thick, sticky mucus that causes problems for people with CF.

Cystic fibrosis essay


It is hypothesized that cystic fibrosisgeneticshave resistance to infectious diseases such astuberculosis,cholera, andtyphoid fever

What Causes CF?

CF is an inherited disease, which means that it's passed down from parent to child. Someone who has CF was born with it. Maybe you've heard someone say, "It's in your genes." They don't mean your blue jeans. Genes make up the blueprint each of your cells follows to make you a unique individual.

Genes determine your eye and hair colour and also are responsible for certain health problems. People with CF got the disease because their moms and dads each had a gene for CF. You need two CF genes (one from mom and one from dad) to have cystic fibrosis. Most people don't know that they carry the gene for CF until they have a child who has the disease because carriers of the CF gene do not have the disease themselves.

Cystic fibrosis causes

You can avail any type of assignment in CF from our nursing experts, that may include:

  1. cystic fibrosis case study
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A sample case study question on cystic fibrosis is given below:

Cystic fibrosis case study

How Is CF Diagnosed?

Although someone with cystic fibrosis is born with it, it isn't always obvious at birth. It may take a while for symptoms to develop. Doctors may suspect that a baby has CF if he or she coughs a lot and gets a lot of lung infections. The baby also might have unusually large, bulky bowel movements or may not gain weight as expected.

To know for sure, the doctors can do a simple test that doesn't hurt. Kids with CF have more salt in their sweat than other kids, so by simply collecting a sample of sweat and testing to see how much salt is in it, the doctors can determine if a person has CF. Other tests may be done, including one that looks for the gene that causes CF.

There is a number of sub-topics that are covered in the assignments of CF, this may cover the issues and symptoms of the disease:

  • A persistent cough with efficient thick mucous
  • Wheezing and shortness of breath
  • Frequent chest infections, which might consist ofpneumonia
  • Bowel disruptions, such as intestinal tract blockage or regular, oily stools
  • Weight loss or failure to put on weight regardless of increased cravings
  • Infertility(males) and reduced fertility (females).

Need Cystic Fibrosis Assignment Help?

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